Arctic Fox

By Kynade M. Sparks and Trystin D. Tejeda

What does the arctic fox look like?

In the winter the arctic fox is white to blend in with the snow, in the summer they change to brown! They can range to 2.3 to 3.5 feet and and they can weigh up to 6.5 to 21 lbs.

Where is the arctic fox found?

The arctic fox is found throughout the entire arctic tundra, through mainly Alaska, Greenland, and Iceland. They could be found in Canada, Russia, Norway, and Scandinavia.
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What does the arctic fox eat?

Arctic foxes eat rodents, birds, and fish. They also eat plants if they are available. The arctic fox is an omnivore.

What predators hunt the arctic fox? How does it protect itself?

Polar bears, wolf packs, humans, And birds eat cubs and snowy owls. It camouflages itself in the snow.

Quick facts

Arctic foxes have white fur sometimes grayish bluish color. Arctic foxes live in barrels and in blizzards. They may tunnel into the snow to create a shelter. Arctic foxes cubs are born in a underground den. The arctic fox is also called a snow fox, white fox, and polar fox.
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