Texas Historical Events

By Tyler Butina

Samuel Houston

Texas is a huge state and you know presidents right. Well Samuel Houston was the first president of Texas. Before that, he was in the army, he was a big help. The sad new was he had to come home because of his age. But when he got home they wanted him to be the first president. When he was 70 he died of being ill for weeks.
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Wars In Texas

Texas has a lot of wars and once Mexico surrounded Texas and the people had no where to go. Texas and Mexico has a lot of wars so Texas wanted independence. So Texas had a declaration of independence. The contract got signed during a battle with Mexixo. The contract was signed but it was a struggle.
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Slaves Free in Texas

Texas use to have slaves and that it is horrible.They wouldn't give them food for a hole day or water. There old Union General was the one who kept the slaves. So they got a new Union General and he let the slaves free.
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Slaves of Texas