Michael Jeffrey Jordan

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan is one of the best basketball player's in the world,as everyone considers him.Michael Jordan tried out for the varsity team but he didn't make it,the next year he tried and he made it. He became famous in college,that's when he got discovered too. Jordan also played in a major league baseball team,he played for the Birmingham Barons.He left college.He went back to college to finish his bachelor's degree. When he was done,he went to go play for the Chicago Bulls.He helped the Chicago Bulls to go to the play off's.Jordan has four siblings , two brother'sand two sister's.His parent's must be proud of Jordan,and his coaches.Michael Jordan will be the best basketball player in the NBA.I will follow Michael Jordan's steps,to be a great person like him.

Michael Jordan's Fame

Michael Jordan became famous in college,He played for the Chicago Bulls.But now he is the owner of the Bob Cat basketball team.He has a wife,he has 3 kid's 2 sons and 1 daughter,he is a very special basketball player in history,as i consider him.Many people love him.And that's Michael Jordan's fame.

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Michael Jordan's son

Michael Jordan's son is Marcus Jordan.Marcus is a college basketball player too.He plays for the UCF Knight's men's basketball team.

Jeffrey Jordan

Jeffrey Jordan is a basketball player too.He plays with the University Of Central Florida Knights,with his brother Marcus.

Michael Jordan - Mini Bio
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Jasmine Mickael Jordan

Jasmine at her basketball game,but she isn't playing.

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