Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism - October 22, 2021

Halloween Celebration

We will have parties in both centers on Friday, October 29th. If you send in your child's costume, we will help him dress up and the kids will trick or treat at stations throughout our building. If you prefer not to send a costume, we have some items kids can use to dress up. We'll have other fun activities too, and we'll try share pictures with no identifying info through our newsletter and Facebook page. Pictures of your child's smiling face are only shared directly with you through TheraWe, in order to protect privacy.

We are planning a snack of cider and donuts for that day, please contact your BCBA if your child isn't able to eat or drink those. We always offer children their snack sent from home as well, and if you'd like to send something special (like a gluten free donut) that day, we are happy to provide that for your child during the party.

Please welcome Tamara!

Tamara joined our Burton team this month. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a triple literacy emphasis.

Tamara has been a Special Education Assistant as well as a Special Education Teacher from 2000 to 2018. Over this time span she worked in New Mexico and North Carolina.

In Tamara’s free time, she enjoys camping, reading, crafting, spending time at the beach and with her family and friends.

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Welcome back to Brighton, Megan!

With our new hires in Burton, we are able to transfer Megan back to Brighton - so you'll be seeing her there again on Monday. We really can't thank Megan enough for her help in Burton, she is so much fun that kids everywhere are happy to see her!
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Birthday Celebrations

At Strive, we love to celebrate birthdays! When your child's birthday rolls around, we ask his Primary Therapist to select the perfect gift from our team. It's important to us that someone who knows him really well chooses something he'll truly enjoy. We always celebrate with all the children, and the birthday child gets to open his present with the whole group. This is an important way for all of the children to practice handling when someone else receives a gift - we know that can be hard but we make sure everyone is having fun and we emphasize that it's a friend's birthday today.

We are also happy to pass out treats for the whole group, if parents would like to bring them, but it isn't required. If you are interested in bringing a snack for the group, we ask that you check in with your BCBA a few weeks ahead of time, in order to plan for any allergies or dietary restrictions. We can help you come up with something that everyone can eat, or we can speak to any families with restrictions to ensure that they pack a special treat for their child that day.

If your child has allergies or restrictions, you can also send in a package of special treats for us to keep on hand for these special days. We are happy to store something that can be kept in the freezer or fridge and provided just when needed.

Strive VIP Day

Strive is having their first ever Very Important Person (VIP) event! This will take place the week of Thanksgiving, during the therapy day for about 30 minutes. VIP day is for the children to invite a person that is very important to them to show them around the center, spend some time together, and do a little activity together. VIP time is for anyone that is important to the child. This could include a parent that doesn't get to spend much time in the center, a grandparent, aunt, uncle or any other special person! We plan to have a few VIP days a year moving forward, but for this first VIP day, we ask that the children invite 1 person to limit the number of people in the center. More details are coming soon, but start thinking of who a good VIP for your child would be!