Rupert's Land

By: Mattias

What it is

Rupert's Land, or Prince Rupert's Land, was a territory in British North America, consisting the Hudson Bay drainage basin, which was nominally owned by the Hudson's Bay Company for 200 years from 1670.

Where it is

Rupert's land was most of Canada and today its known to be the northwest territories .

Louis Riel

Louis Riel was a Canadian politician that was the metis political leader. he was born on 1844 october 22 and died on november 14 1885. he believed that ruperts land shouldnt be apart of canada because the metis lived there and they were there first. so he started a rebellion to fight against the canadian government.

Fur Trade

In 1670, the Hudson bay company was given a land that is one third of Canada, also known as Ruperts land. They used this land to kill beaver and other mammals to trade there fur. the HBC dominated the fur trade. the HBC hired a bunch of first nations and metis to kill beavers and stuff

The End



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