different types of gold minning

there are two types of gold mining the first one is reef mining. Reef mining is where you mine underground or blow a hole with dynamite. the second type of gold mining is alluvial gold mining its where you pan for gold in the water.

tools used in gold mining

the tools you use in reef mining are pickaxes, dynamites,chisels and hammers. for alluvial gold mining you use a gold pan, pickaxes, shovels and a cradle.

Chinese on the gold fields

The number of Chinese people that came to Australia in the 1800's Gold Rush is open to speculation. It is believed about 7000 Chinese worked in the Araluen gold fields in Southern NSW.

women on the goldfields

A typical day for a woman in an Australian pioneer village in the 1850s gold rush days, would be to rise at or before dawn and re-stoke the fire, using bellows to coax embers back to life.

Life on the goldfields

many new diggers had no idea how hard gold mining would be. Newspapers reported fantastic sightings of gold nuggets lying on the ground ready to be picked up but the truth was very different. the gold was underground and getting it was back breacking work.
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