Emperor Penguins

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The Emperor Penguin is a magnificent beast. While it is a bird, it cannot fly. Although it is beautiful on water. It is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species.

Physical Features:

The Emperor Penguin has a white stomach with black around their bodies. They have orange beaks and have a bright yellow ring surrounding their necks. They also have black webbed feet. Their bodies are used for gliding and sliding on ice.


Emperor Penguins diet consists of fish, krill and squid. They skim the bottoms of ice to find other small fish. Feeding grounds can be up to 75miles away. If they don't succeed, they will eat snow before dying of starvation.


Emperor Penguins are birds, meaning they lay eggs. Females will stand back-back 'till they find a mate. Males incubated the egg for up to 2 months, while the mother collects food. When the eggs are laid, males protect them otherwise they will freeze and won't hatch. The mother regurgitates food into their chicks after they hatch.


Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica, where autumn starts in March. When they are born, they always visit their birthplace when their older. Emperor Penguin can sometimes be in danger because the ice that they live melts in summer.

Interesting facts:

Now some interesting you may not know are: They always travel in single file. They huddle up on cold nights and winter. Babies relay on sound, not on sight. Mother penguins will steal chicks if her one dies out.

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