Exploring the Age of Exploration

Written and Published By: Eric Payette, Jarod , Ben, Jared

Slave Trade. Good or Bad?

There was slave trade going on in the New Americas. With many people who were enslaved for being prisoners of war, there was no telling how good of a slave you would get. Profit is one of the major factors of slave trade. With this, people can take the credit from the slaves to buy more slaves and sell their slaves. The profit that people got from slaves were very good, but there was more demand than supply. That is why people started to get slaves from Africa and start the Middle Passage. They needed more slaves for the demand of it, so they started to take the natives away. There was a good amount of people who decided against the fact of slaves because they think that it was diminishing and inhuman to do that to people. One person who has a huge say on this was Alfonso the first. He was the king of Kongo and thinks that slavery is the worst thing to do to humans. These people think that you can’t sell people as property.

International News

Breaking news from the Vatican! A meeting has just been held between Pope Alexander VI and the countries of Spain and Portugal. Just last year the King and Queen of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, appealed to the Pope in the hope that he, being Spanish-born, would support Spain’s claim to colonize the new world. As a result of this the Pope decided to divide the world between Portugal and Spain. He set what he called the Line of Demarcation. All of the land west of the Line Spain has the right to trade and explore while all of the land east of it is in the hands of Portugal. This has been done in order to prevent competition and fighting between the two great nations. All of this is written down in the recently signed Treaty of Tordesillas. Some experts believe the Line might actually cause more problems than it will solve, however. They believe that this will cause other countries to rush to colonize new lands faster before Spain or Portugal can. Who can say what the results of this treaty will be? Either way, the new world seems to hold much excitement for everyone.

Technological Advances

As explorers rush to discover and map the whole world new advances in technology help them achieve their goals. One of the most important tools for these explorers is the caravel. The caravel. The caravel is a ship that has existed for hundreds of years, but has recently developed into one of the most important ships for exploration. With its gently sloping bow, mainmast and several smaller masts, it is extremely fast and maneuverable. This allows explorers to travel at speeds faster than ever, useful when trying to make it to and from distant lands in a short amount of time. The Portuguese have used this vessel to acquire ports all over the world and build up its overseas empire. Another useful device is the magnetic compass. Through the use of an iron needle and a mineral called lodestone, it can sense the north and south poles of our planet. Using this, navigators can find their position on Earth, making it easier to chart courses and navigate the ocean. All of these movements forward in technology allow us to explore our world and try to discover all that is out there.
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Interview with the Natives

Ben Resende

I have recently interviewed Ahsaka of the Tainos that Christopher Columbus encountered on his expedition. She sat down with us and told us her experience and her side of the story. We had to bring in a translator since she didn’t speak English, and in the end, this turned out to be very enlightening to what they went through and what really happened.

Benjamin Resende: So Ahsaka, what was it like when he first came?

Ahsaka: Christopher Columbus came off of his big ship with many other men. Everyone was terrified.

Benjamin Resende: What did he say to you guys?

Ahsaka: He just began looking around and thought we were “Indians.”

Benjamin Resende: Did he do anything to you?

Ahsaka: He did terrible things. He forced us to find gold for him and the ones that refused or didn’t find any were killed. Because of him, we now have severe illnesses no one can cure. He has even taken some of our people back to where he came from as his slaves.

Benjamin Resende: That’s so terrible! How could someone do such things?

Ahsaka: He is a demon. He is pure evil.

Benjamin Resende: So do you believe that must must be arrested?

Ahsaka: I believe not only that, but that he should die for his crimes!

Benjamin Resende: You have read it here, ladies and gentlemen, Columbus is a monster and he must be punished for his crimes. He cannot escape from his fate any longer! Thank you for your account of this tragic event, Ahsaka. May you and your people be satisfied in knowing he will be brought to justice.

Ahsaka: Thank you, so very much.


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Weather Report

The weather is looking clear for the next couple of hours. We are on the Santa Maria with the crew of Christopher Columbus, and their top weather person says that there is a big storm coming. Also, back in Spain, it seems that there will be a big rainstorm, so make sure that your doors are locked and you stay inside. Over the next couple of days, be sure to be on the look out for snow shoes, because during the Christmas time, there might be some snow. For anyone in the New Americas, be ready for the winter, because it is going to be a tough one. Good Luck to everyone, and Merry Christmas to all.

Report on Nagaski

Nagasaki is a territory located in Japan. It is a small island with a strictly controlled port due to recent actions taken by Japan. While it used to be an active port, Japan has just recently banned European trade and allows only one to two Dutch ships in its harbor a year. The purpose of allowing so few is just so that they could keep up on world events and news. While these ships are there, they will do some, but very limited trade with the natives. Other than that, though, it has now become isolated from all other nations along with the rest of Japan. Europeans are trying to find ways to persuade the Japanese to allow the port to be open and trade again, rather than only once to twice a year. Unfortunately, no success has come out of these attempts and ideas yet, but the European nations are nowhere near giving up on it yet.

Opinions in the "New World"

On December 20th, 1492, I asked the opinions of many people their opinions about the new colonization of the Americas. Most of the explorers say that it was one of the most important things that has happened to the Spanish. With this new discovery, they may colonize the land and start something new in the name of Spain. On the other hand, the Indians were not liking the Spanish at all what so ever. They say that they were pillaging their land and raping their women. They want the Spanish gone for good. Which side do you choose? The Spanish or the Indians?


Christopher Columbus

October 31, 1451 - May 20, 1506

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy on October 31, 1451. He lived in Italy and was very interested in sailing and voyages. He almost died on his first voyage when some pirates attacked the ship. The ship was burned and Columbus had to swim to survive. Columbus then settled down and would marry his wife Felipa Perestrello. They had 1 son together. In 1486, the Queen of Spain approved of a 3-ship voyage of discovery. At the end of his voyage Columbus had opened the Americas to European colonization. Columbus would then die on May 20, 1506.

Prince Henry

March 4, 1394 - November 13, 1460

Prince Henry was born on March 4, 1394 in Porto, Portugal. When Henry was older, he became interested in Africa and wanted to learn more about Africa and explore it. Due to this, Prince Henry is often credited with beginning the Age of Discovery. Prince Henry never actually voyaged or navigated, but often sponsored many exploratory voyages. Prince Henry also built a school for navigation in Sagres, Portugal. Henry also would be the founder of the Atlantic slave trade. This slave trade would provide Portugal with many Africans. Prince Henry then died on November 13, 1460.

Vasco da Gama

c. 1460 - December 24, 1524

Vasco da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal c. 1460 to a noble family. When da Gama was old enough he would join the navy where he was taught how to navigate. In 1497, Vasco da Gama was asked to lead an expedition to India. Vasco da Gama, after several months of sailing, he would round the Cape of Good Hope and head into the Indian Ocean. Da Gama and his crew would reach India on May 20, 1498. Vasco da Gama would have to sail back to Portugal in August 1498. His journey to India would cover nearly 24,000 and he would lose 116 of the original crew. Da Gama would later go on other voyages, but would die on Christmas Eve 1524.