The war of 1812

By: Calie Corbett

Sequence of Events

Im focusing on the war of 1812. But right now Great Britain and France are at war. Great Britain is messing with the American people and another war is about to happen.

Great Britain

Leading up to WAR!!

Britain took and threatened U.S citizens. Also didn't let U.S send goods or get goods from france. Other thing they did is Great Britain angered the U.S when the began capturing sailors from American ships.

War with Great Britain Begins

James Madison became President. War Hawks wanted a war against Great Britain cause of sailors being taken. President Madison gave into the War Hawks. Congress declared war on Great Britain.

The War at Sea

Early in the war, the United States tried several times to invade Canada, but didn't succeed. However, the small U.S Navy did win some important victor;ies over the powerful British navy. Oliver Hazard Perry commanded American ships in a battle that lasted several hours. In it, Perry said, "We have met the enemy and they are ours"

Battles on Land

In August 1814, the British attacked Washington, D.C President Madison and other leaders were forced to flee the city. Next, the British tried to capture the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Finally, the British gave up

Fighting for New Orleans

By the end of 1814, the U.S and Great Britain had been fighting for more than 2 years. In January 1815, before news of the news of the peace had reached them, the British attacked the port of New Orleans

The Return of Peace

The Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war, simply returned things to the way they were before the conflict. It created strong feelings of patriotism and nationalism, or pride in the nation. It made many Americans feel more united than ever