School Lunch

Jack Seaton Period 1

School lunch is too expensive for the average family. It is unfair for families who force their kids not to eat because they can't afford the disgusting school lunch. The thing is, school lunch doesn't even fill your stomach. It is all nasty, processed food.
All families who have a kid that attends high school, pays school fees, which I believe should cover your lunch fees for the whole year. The school is all about their money while they have school sports that bring them all of the money they need. The school should have more options for lunch, so that if a student had food at home, they could leave during lunch to go eat at home.
Most students who are opposed to the school lunch, bring their own food which is an amazing idea. Students are upset about the fact that they are completely unable to eat the crap that is sold for lunch. The students who bring their own lunch are saving so much money in the long run. Most students spend at least 5 dollars every day at lunch. You can buy in bulk and make your own lunch for a dollar a day.
Families are struggling to be able to send their kids to school with money in their lunch account. The school lunch forces families to apply for the free/reduced school lunch program. I believe everyone should be on a free/reduced school lunch because the school is over charging everyone who buys lunch from them, besides the families with free/reduced lunch.
At the beginning of the 2015 school year, Michelle Obama put laws into affect that kept Avon High School from having vendors every day inside of our cafeteria. That is probably when the school made the most money and that is also when 90% of the students actually ate lunch every day. After the laws went into affect is when students started to not eat. School lunch took a huge loss after these laws.
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The lunch line moves as slow as a snail. Students are unable to finish their meal because of how long they had to wait in the lunch line at the beginning of lunch. The lunch ladies are being paid to correctly run the lunch line. It is unfair for the students to wait in line for 15 minutes and only get 10 minutes to eat. The lunch ladies need to go to a workshop to learn how to run the lunch line in a orderly manner.
The lunch ladies are amazing at keeping the cafeteria clean. They clean the whole cafeteria after every lunch period so that students can eat in a clean environment despite the disgusting food that we have to put up with. I enjoy eating in a clean kept environment so that I don't feel like I have to wash my hands after I touch anything and so that I can eat with clean hands.
Going to lunch always feels like a rush. It is unfair to the students when they have 7 hours of class every day. I also believe that teachers deserve more lunch time. More time to eat lunch would result in happier students in the classroom.
The change of school lunches may have had a good impact on the students. Everything was replaced with "low-fat" & "low-calorie" to force students to eat a healthier meal. It is some-what considerate of the school to serve us healthy meals as the obesity rate has been rising rapidly. Most students look at the healthy food as an uncalled-for change.
Students are better off bringing their own lunch that satisfies their needs. The school is over-charging on everything that is sold in the cafeteria. Students need to realize what the smartest path is for lunch every day at school so that they can be well fed throughout the day.