My Bucket List

By: Ethan Hall


I would like to go to Hawaii for many reasons. One of the reasons I would like to go to Hawaii is to learn to surf. I would also like to take a helicopter ride over the active volcano,Kilauea. another activity i would love to do is scuba dive in the Hawaiian coral reef and see allot of the aqua life there. a fun fact about Hawaii is that the actual word Hawaii means place of gods or "Homeland"
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I would also love to go to the Maldives. I would love to go scuba diving in the Maldives and experience all of the wild life and underwater vegetation. i would also love to go to the Maldives beaches. in the Maldives they have a "monsoon" season from may to December. I probably wouldn't go during their "monsoon" season.
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Caribbean Islands

The last destination on my bucket list is the Caribbean Islands. i would love to go to the Caribbean Islands for a few different reasons. I would go snorkeling in the coral reefs and experience the beautiful blue waters. I would also go Zip lining in the dense jungles of the Caribbean islands. and the last thing i would do there is go kayaking in the glorious waters of the Caribbean. this vacation would be the best of them all.
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