Hands Speak

Learn Sign Language!! This Summer!! Ages 5 and up!!

Take time and Sign with American Sign Language

Hands Speak offers courses that encourage the learning of sign language that will lead to a positive and productive interaction between deaf and hearing persons alike. Classes will cover Deaf History, Culture, types of Sign language, a wide variety of vocabulary and gain the knowledge to have a decent conversation with other signers experienced or not.
Hands Speak louder than Words, what does yours say?

2 days, 2 classes, 4 hours a Week. Options Below. Location optional but all classes will be held at the Iowa City Public Library.

Complete Summer Course- 18 classes over 9 weeks
  • Children $ 135
  • Adults $ 180
  • Family $ TBA (contact for more information)

3 Week Basic Course- 6 Classes

  • Children $ 30
  • Adults $ 60
  • Family $ TBA (contact for more information)

Be productive and learn something new. Feel free and visit www.Facebook/HandsSpeakIC for more information.


Hands Speak Owner Jody E., is a local Iowa City community member with years of experience Interpreting for the Alternative Arts, performing ASL skits, and working on giving the opportunity for everyone to learn a beautiful visual language, American Sign Language. I am not a certified teacher but with my knowledge and teaching past I am confident to say I have what it takes to teach you what you need to know to get by and the material to continue learning for a lifetime. Hands Speak gives the chance to learn Sign Language without the college settings, connecting families with option to learn together as well as allowing children to learn a course that isn't usually given in schools.