3rd 6 weeks project

By :Emma Reamy

Points of view

1st person is when you tell the story the way you see it.

Ex. I can't wait for my birthday to come !

You use we, us, I, and me.

3rd person is when someone outside the story tells the story.

Ex. They are estatic over the upcoming season.

There are two different types of 3rd person, 3rd person and 3rd person omniscient. 3rd person omniscient is when you have the perspective of multiple people and 3rd person is just one.

In 3rd person you use they, he, she, them and so on.

2nd person is when you use you, your and you're.

Brainstorming Ideas

A graph that helps you sort your ideas and help you find a topic. Ex. 1

Revising and Editing Techniques

A way to make your paper better and eliminate mistakes as well as retain feedback from peers and make a final copy. Ex.2

Influnce of Setting on Plot Development

The way the setting changes can drastically change the sory. If you set your story in Disney World it kind of makes it hard to be scary but if you set the story in the woods at night it instantly becomes scary. Ex.3

Importance of Setting and Plot When Creating Stories

One of the things that is important here is that it has to happen chronologically in order to make sense. If don't change the setting often people might get bored of it. Ex.4
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