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June 3, 2022, Volume 13, Issue 38

Notes from the Principal

Hello Parents,

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join our Spring Concerts. I couldn't help but notice how supportive you were for our students and appreciative you were of Mrs. Frostman and our staff. Thank you very much.

Wow, down to five days, it's amazing to think about. Don't forget - Friday, June 10th is our last day of school. Dismissal is at 10:30 and lunch will not be served. Report cards will be going home that day. We have a lot in motion but we are planning to have placement letters mailed out on Friday, June 17th.

A HUGE shout out to our amazing PTO!! Our staff was treated to the most amazing breakfast this morning consisting of yogurt, fruit, granola, muffins, donuts juice and coffee.

It was an impressive spread and enjoyed by all. We are so grateful and feel so appreciated.

Have a great week, take some time to read with your child.

Mark T

Our quote of the week is from the authors of book of the month, Intersection Allies, We Make Room for All, Chelsea Johnson, LaToya Council, and Carolyn Choi. "Where there's room for some we make room for all, friends can be allies no matter how small".

Staff Who Are Leaving

Here are the names of Teachers and Staff Members who are leaving Orchard School. Though the list is long, we hope each of these individuals knows they were an integral part of our community and will definitely be missed.


  • Steven Schmidt - 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Audrey Merrill - Interventionist
  • Becky Peterson - Interventionist
  • Cheryl McCabe - Preschool Paraeducator

Transfers - all to FHTMS!

  • Kristen Billings - School Counselor (gr. 3-5)
  • Annie Coppock - Teacher of the Deaf
  • Michelle Bissonette - Educational Interpreter

Moving On (Resignations)

  • Emily Evenson - 1st Grade Teacher
  • Darcy Mazlish - School Nurse
  • Morgan Schwegmen - Special Education Substitute Teacher
  • Megan Dieterle - Interventionist
  • Emily Hamburger - Interventionist
  • Ben Nelson - Interventionist
  • Adriana Putragai - Kindergarten Paraeducator

Leave of Absence

  • Sarah Waterman (1 year) - English Language Teacher (gr. 3-5)

Photos of Spring Concerts from the Parking Attendant

Library News!

Summer library hours will be from 9 AM until noon, beginning on June 15th and running until August 10th. Students will be receiving a bookmark reminder about library hours. Also click:

Here is some information regarding Summer Library and some reading incentives offered by local groups.

News from our Nurses


This week's focus: Transmission of Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is spread through the bite of a bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) infected tick. Deer ticks, also known as blacklegged ticks, normally live on mice, squirrels, and other small animals and can be found in the northeast, mid-Atlantic and north-central U.S. The bacteria are transmitted to humans via the infected tick.

Most cases of Lyme Disease in humans occur in the late spring and summer when the tiny nymphs (less than 2mm) are most active (and difficult to notice on the body).

How do they attach?
Ticks hang out in grasses and shrubs and outstretch their upper legs (called questing) waiting to hook onto a host passing by. The tick then finds a place to bite, often attaching to inconspicuous areas such as the groin, armpits, and scalp.

Typically, the tick must be attached for 36 to 48 hours or more before the Lyme disease bacterium can be transmitted, so check your body daily and remove ticks within 24 hours. If you are really interested in how ticks attach take a look at THIS VIDEOshowing how a tick digs its hooks into you!

Other modes of transmission?

Person to Person?

Lyme Disease or the bacteria is not transmitted from person-to-person.

Animals to Humans?

Household pets do not spread Lyme Disease to humans. Although, pets can bring infected ticks into the yard or house.


Lyme disease bacteria can live in blood that is stored for donation. Individuals being treated for Lyme disease with an antibiotic should not donate blood. Once the antibiotic treatment is completed, individuals can consider donating blood.

Eating meat?
Lyme Disease is not passed through eating meat (i.e. venison).

Other ways?
The bacteria can't be transmitted through air, food, water, or from the bites of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, or lice.

Mayo Clinic Minute: 4 Ways to Avoid Ticks VIDEO

Lyme Disease FAQs

Next week's topic: Treatment


Free Rapid Antigen tests are available from the school. Contact us and we can send them home with your student or you can pick them up at school. If the first antigen test is negative, use the second at least 24 hours later. If they are both negative, and you still have concerns, get a LAMP or a PCR test.

Be safe, be well~

Students from Multiple Grades Playing Knock-Out with Mr. P!

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PTO Updates

Stage Clean-Up and free items: We are working to help the school free up extra space and will be doing a stage clean-out on Saturday, June 3rd, starting at 9 am. Join us to help in the clean-up efforts, and/or come by around 11 to see if there's anything you would find useful that the school no longer needs! Get all your Spring Cleaning needs met here! Email with any questions!

Check out the Stage, We ❤️ our Volunteers!

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