Holicong Middle School

Updates From Mr. Bucher

A Reason To Be Proud...

On Friday, March 18, a group of Holicong students facilitated an event which truly coincided with the underlying foundation of Holicong’s Elite 8. At Holicong, we want all members of Holicong to be:









During morning announcements, students delivered the following message to all Holicong students through our closed circuit television system:

Dear Holicong,

When our school comes to mind, we strive to demonstrate 8 traits. We strive to be honest, open-minded, loyal, inclusive, optimistic, non-judgmental, and genuine. However, are we always upholding these traits? We have forgotten that nowhere in these words does it state that being a bully represents how we should be acting. We must be honest with ourselves and make a change in the way we have been treating others. Nobody deserves to think they are not welcome in a school we all share as one. Be genuine to who you are and treat every individual the way you would want to be treated. Simple words can leave long lasting memories, good or bad. By calling someone an inappropriate name, you could affect the way they think about themselves. You can push them down to a point where they believe what you are saying. Try not to be the reason someone can’t even stand themselves anymore. The end of bullying can start with us. Small measures can make big differences when an entire school is on board. If we all take one minute every day to think before we speak, so many more people would be very happy. Remember that you are worth it, and you are beautiful.


Holicong Compliments

This same group of students then placed 1,200 post it notes on all the lockers with an important message. The message reminded students that they are worth it and they are beautiful.

We are so proud of our students. The activity was a student-initiated activity to support the traits in the Holicong’s Elite 8.

From The Health Office...

Reminder to 7th grade parents

From the Health Office: We have 72 7th grade students who have NOT submitted a private dental form for 2012-2013, as required by the PA. Dept. of Health. A reminder e-mail will be sent to those parents in the coming week. Please contact Mrs. Radice if you know your adolescent has not submitted a dental form. We are in the process of rescheduling the School Dentist’s visit.

A huge thank you to all the 7th grade parents who have previously submitted the form.

Good Luck To Holicong's National History Day Participants In Saturday's Competition!

Underage Drinking Campaign

A number of Holicong students recently participated in a poster contest sponsored by the CB Cares Educational Foundation for a “Zero” Tolerance Underage Drinking Campaign. Congratulations to the following winners:

First place winner is Gabriella S. (9th grade)

Megan C. and Sarah M. (7th grade) came in 2nd with their joint work submission

Lindsay M. (9th grade), Sebastian K. (8th grade) and Larissa L. (8th grade) were tied for 3rd place

In addition, the following students submitted posters using the slogan “A Winning Hand is Alcohol Free.” Congratulations to the following slogan winners:

1st place - Theresa H. (9th grade)

2nd place– Anna G. (8th grade)

Early Dismissal

Friday, Mar 22nd, 10:45am

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Mar 28th, 7:30am-3pm

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA

No School - Spring Break

Thursday, Mar 28th, 7:30am to Friday, Mar 29th, 3pm

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA