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We're Talkin' About Practice

How many times have you heard it? How many times have I caught myself saying it to my own kids?

Your/My child comes home with a good grade on a test, and we say, "You are so smart!' Or they perform very well on the athletic field, and we say, "You're such a great athlete!" While it may in part be true that they are intellectually or athletically gifted, I wonder if that is the message we want to be sending our kids in the long run?

Do you remember "The Answer"? I am not referring to the answer to a particular question here. I am referring to Allen Iverson, star basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers back in the early 2000's. One day at a news conference, reporters questioned him about practice, mainly because he often missed it. His response..."We're talking about practice!" To be sure, Allen Iverson was one of the most athletically gifted men to ever lace up sneakers in the NBA. The problem was his unwillingness to put in the time and energy necessary at practice. His athleticism got him to the NBA, but his unwillingness to practice prevented him from reaching his full potential and possibly being one of the greatest ever to step on a basketball court.

No matter how successful our kids are now, there will come a time when their willingness to "practice" will make the difference in their level of success. Just recently I received a phone call from our college-aged daughter. "Guess, what, Dad? I failed my Statistics Test." She was obviously upset and disappointed. After consoling her for a bit, I turned the conversation to what she was going to do from here, for that is the crux of the matter. Are you going to keep working at it? Maybe speak with the professor? Possibly practice with a friend? Or are you gong to feel sorry for yourself and let it consume you?

As parents, I believe it is our responsibility to help kids develop a mindset of practice; a mindset that accepts. and even welcomes, feedback; a mindset that understands the value of hard work and a willingness to stick with it; even a mindset that sees value in failure...yes, value in failure!

Twenty years from now our daughter may or may not even remember she failed that test. What she will hopefully remember, though, are the lessons she learned from her failures, lessons of hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to practice.

Calling All Sharpies!

At any given time, our school Lost & Found has numerous clothing items. We do our best to bring your kids' attention to these items, but invariably we seem to end up with a great deal of clothing. Please remind your kids to check the Lost & Found if they are missing clothing, and we would also suggest writing your child's name on his/her coat, jacket, etc. so we can more easily identify who it belongs to. At last count we had 55 items in the Lost & Found, but only one coat had a name on it.

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