The Integumentary System

By: Ashwin Purohit and Oscar Fentanes

The Purpose/Function

The word Integumentary technically means skin, and this protects the body, keeps water inside the body, and helps regulate body temperature. The skin holds many functions in it that effects the body. It is one of the most important parts in the system and protector that help use with all the things we do in this world.

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Skin Diagrams

Parts of the skin

The main parts of the skin is the hair, the sweat glands, blood vessels, Demis, and the Eperdermis. other parts are the pores, hair follicle, nerve fiber, sweat pore, the pili muscle, and a lot more. All of these skin parts work together to protect and help the organism survive/live.
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Importance of this in life

The skin along with the hair and nails, are the protecting part of the organism. When you are hurt and scrape your skin, it will definitely hurt, but if you never had skin, it would be hurting 10 times worse, so we need the skin. It is where the hair grows, where the sweat glands are that are used when heat is on the body, and skin cells.

How it maintains Homeostasis

Homeostasis means to stay in balance. One of the main reasons are that it keeps the body temperature. This is done by the pores in the skin allowing sweat to go in times of heat, or exertion by the body. Skin helps you sweat in order to stay cool and calm. Sweat is a very important part in our body that keeps the body stable and calm.

Us showing what happens if you don't keep it healthy

How to keep it healthy

Many ways to keep skin healthy is to keep skin away from sun as possible and cleaning it every day with products like soap. No smoking because it makes the skin get wrinkles which narrows the blood cells. Limit your shower/bath to clean it where it is smooth, but not too long cause that makes skin wrinkle. Have a healthy diet cause it makes feel better and skin is clean. Manage your stress because it makes skin sensitive and triggers acne breakouts.

Important vocabulary

Some important words are: