Are Guns Really Helpful?

January 14, 2016

Thousands Are Put At Risk

People till this day are being put their lives at risk. The misuse of fatal weapons have caused more than 30,000 people to die from guns. United States homicide rate is higher than other developed countries . We heard so many stories about the lack of supervision on background checks from dealers that have sold guns to people whom seem to have trouble with the justice and have mental issues. Or sellers from a gun festivals whom make it easier for criminals to go to locations that provide them with their needs in which other words they also don't need background checks, which makes it easier for one who is using it for the wrong source. Which I agree on the fact that the government should consider in enforcing the laws in gun control to make it harder for one to get there hands on one. Everyday 36 people are dying due to the fact that incidents occurring and they put so many other people lives at a risked. The misuses have no limitations till this day people will go out there and are willing to hurt others.

Who's Fault is it?

The lack of supervision has costed us to have several crimes from kids under the age of 14. The percentage of firearm deaths have decreased. But the gun availability has increased throughout the years. About 21 percent of children who have bought a gun illegally are the ones who are most likely to commit crimes. The 41% of children who consume drugs are the ones who have possession of a gun illegally. There is no federal law that does not have a limitation on the amount of guns that they can buy at once or anything like that. Which makes it easier for traffickers to all buy it all at once a sell it to kids that are underage. Or they are either stolen , the amount that is stolen in the United States yearly is more than a half million and are sold illegally. Make a change , we shouldn't allow this whatsoever.

No Background Checks, No Gun

Many people have asked for authorization on medical access but we can not go through it if the client does not allow this access to be proceeded. Many school shootings have occurred due to the fact that people with mental issues have been the cause of it. The solution is to having access to medical records.As we know that mental illness changes the way a person feels ,thinks and behaves For example, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occur due to the mass hatred and thoughts that had gone to through this persons mind causing the death of 20 children a 6 adults by Adam Lanza. They have no control of what they are feeling which leads them to doing things that not any normal person would do. It was his non treatable mental illness that had led this to all happening. Barack Obama was really upset about this whole situation and is now leading on gun control which I truly agree on due to the fact the amount of violence and gun shooting that occur everyday.
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