Us Navy Seals

Daniel Cardenas

How do they train?

Swim 500 yards/ minimum 12:30/The training is super stressful and you need to get

Push ups in 2 min/ least 42/condition the reason they train you so hard is because

Sit ups in 2 min/ least 50/they are seeing if you could survive in war and you

Pull ups no limit/ 6/have to be trained with exercise.

Run 1.5 miles/ 11 min

How much do they win?

They win $250,000 per year and a month wins $2,000.

Uniforms of the United States Navy seals.

Designed for more formal occasion there are seals dress, full dress and dress uniform in his

What guns do they use?

They use everything like for example like snipers, handguns, and assault rifles, and last but not least Bernadette launchers. Then to travel they use like planes, tanks, and cars.

How much do soldiers train before they go?

The time it takes to many jobs. Then when 13 weeks pass of boot camp at basic thing. Thecnichal jobs-with equipment or computers for example may require a year to complete training.

Where do they sleep?

Soldiers typically sleep in tents with 10 or 20 soldiers in 1 tent. 10 people are comfortable in one medium size tent. But twenty they are crowded.

What do they eat?

The soldiers in the base eat mre's or meals ready to eat. It can get expired in three years because they are in plastic. Then food that starts chemical or getting hotter with water and then it cooks. The package comes with food, forks, knives, napkins, and Tabasco, and last but not least chewing gum

How much do they get to take a shower?

There are showers on the base where they train and when they finish that take a shower. But the soldiers in war they don't take a shower but if there's a lake they take a shower there.