Will A Robot Take YOUR Job?

By: Josh F and Kai Thompson-Jones Period:6 1/7/16 Ms. Wasser

How can we create a presentation that will inform the public that robots are taking over jobs?

We picked this topic because it grabbed our attention the second we read about it. This topic is amazing how robots are taking peoples' jobs. Over the years robots have been developing and getting more advanced. Today, many factory workers and soon to be taxi drivers are being replaced by robots. Now scientists are saying 70 million jobs are at risk. Could this epidemic affect your job?


Many people are saying that, "Jobs will disappear because of robots," which is sadly becoming true. In fact, China wants to increase their robot workers by 40%, leaving tons of workers, with or without families, unemployed. Along with this, a study shows that 47% of all U.S. jobs are at risk. Some people say that this will encourage people to do more unique jobs, such as being an artist, but sadly those are being taken too. Robots have streghths humans don't have, so there is almost no contest in labor work; robots win. So can a robot take your job? Possibly.


So what do people think?

CGP Grey states that "robots are outcompeting humans in jobs", which mostly says It all. This shows that more and more humans are getting unemployed due to robots. Our opinion is that robots are taking humans jobs which is just unacceptable. We think this topic should be known by everybody and should be stopped. Robots don't need the money we do.

Pictures And Videos

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Will Robots Take Our Jobs?
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The video in the middle shows and gives excellent information of this topic, and how robots are taking peoples jobs. We learned that humans have the capability to program robots to do anything from poker to musicians.