The Flying Dolphin

By: Carl Wakileh

My Adventure With The Flying Dolphin

I was sitting next to a tree

That was right next to the beach

I was looking at the blue of it

When a person dropped bleach on me

He took out a napkin and grinned

He was going to begin

But I stopped him and pointed

He looked but grunted

He had missed the flying dolphin ridden by a beduin

Having fun shooting a canon

I took off my shirt

Threw it into the dirt

And blurt out at the beduin

The beduin came and he had a cane

I asked him if I could ride while he dried

He told me to leave 10 JD by his bedside

I took the dolphin and rode to the horizon

I reached land and found the famous Maroon 5 band

I went up stage with my dolphin

But the dolphin started to rage

So I sang a bit more and went to shore

I eventually ended up at my door

But I realised I was poor

So I ignored to dolphin

And ran to home