San Francisco

The City

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Right now it's till winter but next friday it'll be spring. Last week the highest temperature was 79 and the lowest was 48. The winds were about 5.5 mph going North West. Last monday there was a 60% chance but the rest of the week there was no rain, 0% chance of rain. The humidity was around 50-60 for monday and tuesday but the rest of the week it went down to 10-20. My grandpa said that it was overall nice there, sunny and a little clouds. My predictions were in the 70's as it was actually in the 60's and 70's.

About San Francisco

All year the city is usually warmer than most places. It's so close to the close and is basically in the perfect spot on Earth, it's in the middle of the north pole and the equator. The latitude is 37 and it is about right in the middle of the North pole and the equator. Winds from the pacific ocean are moving towards and through the large city, San Francisco towards the middle of the United States.
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Hurricanes require warm water and the water near SF is cold so most likely it will not have hurricanes. Cold winds from the pacific ocean and warm air coming from the center of the United States come together and cause tornadoes, SF is prone to tornadoes. The mountains block the wind in SF so it's a lot more windy.

What if

If the city somehow moved more inland the weather would change a lot. Everything would change.