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6 word memoirs

I love to pet my cat.

Re-casting 1984

Winston Smith - Chris Hemsworth
Julia - Kate Beckingsale
Big Brother - Samuel Jackson
O'Brien - Woody Harrelson
Mr. Charringson - Michael Caine
Syme - Morgan Freeman
Parsons - John Travolta
Emmanuel Goldstein - Hugh Jackman
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Ideals of Freedom

Freedom, people have different definitions for it, but everyone can agree on one thing, freedom is not really free. Freedom comes at the cost of war and fighting. Freedom comes with rules. Freedom in the United States has been hard over the years. The Civil War, slavery, the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, and other things have changed independence and the struggle for true freedom. On the back of the Korean Wall it states “FREEDOM IS NOT REALLY FREE” and when I saw it, I was thinking about how true it was. The wars, the struggles, everything that people have faced trying to get to their freedom.

Freedom has been a big struggle throughout time. People have fought over it over centuries and nobody has ever really had true freedom. People have fought over it for years. Some places people do not have have some freedoms, at all. For example, in 1984 by George Orwell, they are given no freedoms and they are told “WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”(Orwell 7) which shows how people are controlled to believe freedom didn't exist.

In America, we have freedom, but we also have guidelines called laws to make sure we don't hurt others. If we had complete freedom, we might murder each other and people could be chaos everywhere. Robbing banks, hurting others, and much worse could happen to society. The world would be destroyed and we would end up like how it is in 1984. People may loose the freedom they do have if the government keeps acting like they rule. They may become a dictating group over us. Then the news of dictatorship will spread and soon the world will only be ruled by dictatorship. The world will then be at constant war between the dictators.

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Re-writing the ending of Chapter 1 in 1984

Book: "He opened the diary" (Orwell 86)


He stared at the blank page, contemplating what to write for the day. His mind had gone completely blank. He started it with a date:

April 10th, 1984

his hands wrote shakily. He was nervous about writing it. He could be caught for so many different things and sent to the Ministry of Love. He knew that once you went there, you didn't come back unharmed. He learned that lesson from experience. He was scared. He didn't want to end up like his parents and sister. He then thought of what to write:

I talked to an old man today. He told me about the top-hatted men and

what London used to be like. He talked about it so happily, almost as in a

daze, or a flashback.

He jumped as he heard the woman's loathsome voice change songs over the telescreen. Her voice made his ear's ring in pain. He didn't know why the party told her to sing. This girl was making his ears bleed. He turned down the telescreen's volume, sighing in relief when it was barely audible. He sat back down in his chair and picked his journal and pen, making sure that he couldn't be seen by the telescreen, and wrote:

Big Brother and the party are trying to kill us. I wonder if there's any

double-agents working for the brotherhood in the Inner Party,

I might be on the brotherhood's side.

Winston thought about what he had just wrote. Was there even such thing as the brotherhood? Does he know anyone in the brotherhood Then he put his journal away and got ready for bed. He made sure that he was doing everything that the party said was okay and right. He laid in bed, ready for the long day tomorrow. The dream, he would remember forever for the rest of his life.

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10 Rules for Utopean Society

1) No hurting others unless in self defense
2) No hurting or killing animals
3) No alcohol
4) No drugs of any kind
5) No killing or harming yourself in any way, shape, form
6) No using animals to test any kind of product
7) No using the word hate towards another living thing
8) No judging towards another for any reason
9) No verbal bullying, cyber bullying, and physical bullying
10) No racism, homophobia, sexism, or any other discrimination of any kind

1984 Comic

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