Calling all Bobcats Fans!

Do you truly know the Charlotte Bobcats.

Team Infomation!

As you can see this article is about The Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats are a u.s. basketball team, for Charlotte, North Carolina.(35.2269N and 80.8433W).Which is located in the southeastern region of the United States where they speak English. Did you know that the southeastern region had the largest settlement, and has the largest known cave system and granite sculpture. Also this region has great landmarks like the Great Smokey Mountains, Coastal Plains, and The Mississippi River.

Team Mascot Infomation!

The team mascot for the Charlotte Bobcats is well, the Bobcat. If your wondering why they picked the bobcat to be their mascot here's why. It's mainly because the Appalachian Mountains run through North Carolina, and bobcats live in Mountains. See the connection.(BTW, they have no nicknames)


This team is considered the worst u.s basketball team. It was established in 2004. The owner was Robert Johnson the creator of the t.v channel b.e.t. (And the co-owner was the rapper Nelly). Later on Michael Jordan came to own this team. Originally they were the hornets but New Orleans came to own rights to the name. So they made a different team for Charlotte, since the city leaders still wanted a N.B.A team. So they created the Bobcats!


Name: Time Warner Cable Arena

TWC Arena got it's name do to a deal with the bobcats and time warner cable, giving twc naming rights of the stadium. I think more and more stadiums are being named after big companies because the companies want to get their name out there, so they buy arenas and each time a game is played at the stadium their company name is on t.v. Also when they buy the naming rights from the teams it gives teams more money for the important things they need.