Flag Pole Estimation Project

Amanda Pirello, Devin Melancon, David Weimer 1/25/16

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Explain why AA Similarity could be used in this project.

The pole and person make right angles because they are perpendicular to the ground, these are the first pair angles in AA Similarity. The second angles are the ones that reflect off of where you are looking in the mirror. Those angles are congruent and we know it because a mirror will make the angles the same.
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Explain Pencil Person.

In pencil person you need two people and a pen. It is best to use a person with a height that is whole, such as 5 foot or 6 foot. In our case we had a student who was 5 foot tall. You stand him up next to the pole. Now, take your pen, hold out in front of your face, and find the distance to which the pen and the person by the pole look most congruent. Take your pen and move it up too where the top of your pen previously was. Repeat until you reach the top of the object you are measuring. However many times you moved you pen up, multiply by five. You should now have the height of the object.
Flag pole project Mr. Borel