The Protestant Reformation

1517-1685 Humberto Deras

Jan Hus

Jan Hus was a Czech priest wo went against the roman catholic church about you don't have to pray directly and things like that. He was also philosopher and he was burned at the stake

Elizabeth the 1st

Was a queen of England & Ireland from November 17th, 1558 until death. She was sometimes called "the virgin queen", "Gloriana", or " Good Queen Bess" ; was the 5th & last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty. She was the daughter of Henry VIII. She was born into the royal successrior her mother was executed. Her first moves as a queen was the establishment of an English protetent church. She became famous for her virginity.

Johannes Gutenberg

German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer & publisher who introduced printing to Europe. His invention of mechanical movable type printing started the printing revoulution.