Internet Safety

Be Safe Online

Get off on a safe start

Make sure you are...

  • Securing your password. Passwords are your first defense against online criminals. Make sure you are using an unique password with letters, numbers, and symbols for each of your main online accounts.
  • Sign in and Out of accounts, everyone knows it is very easy to sign yourself in to your account, but what most people forget is to log themselves out. Especially when you are using a public computer that many people have usage to. Even if you close your browser your information still be there for the next person to open and see.
  • Lock your screen or mobile device, you should always make sure to lock your screen after you are finished. Even if you think you are just going to be gone for less than a minute. Anything can happen in that short period of time and everything could then be hacked. Don't make things like this easy for them.

Social Media

Are you being safe on social media?????

  • Think before you post.
  • Just because you may have deleted it, it will always be out there is cyber space, Nothing is ever deleted.
  • Social media is a great place for people to find out who you really are, post smart.
  • People may not be who you think they are, only add people you know.
  • Make your profile private.
  • Social media is not free, the owners of social media sell your profile for a very little amount to companies and they track what you do and what you search for advertisement purposes.

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Are you being a cyber bully?

Have you ever?

  • Used bad language online
  • posted rude things about someone online
  • publicly embarrassed someone online
  • impersonated someone

If so you have been being a cyber bully. Even if you think its funny or you were just joking. You never know what people are going through, or how people will react to something you thought was funny. Don't do something you would not want done to you.

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Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online