8 ways to Succeed in Spanish I

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1. PRINT your assignment checklist and check it off as you complete assignments

2. Practice vocabulary each week with QUIZLET

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4. Ask for help if you need it!

  1. From your teacher
  2. From the Peer Tutoring Center (See the tab at the bottom left of your course Main Page)
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5. Attend one Required Live Class per Week until your grade comes up...One per unit is required.

Spanish 1 Required Live Classroom

Participant dial in

(for phone or mobile device)



485 391 348 666

Guest link https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2012703&username=&password=M.3BD9C8F7DB9A1F0775F9B83C9C41F7

6. Work at least 45 minutes a day, Monday through Friday

7. Turn in EVERY assignment!

8. Contact your teacher often.

Daily is best but at least once per week. Contact can be by phone, text, moodle message or blackboard im.
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