Red Skelton

By Maliki

Red Skelton

Have you ever wondered about Red Skelton? Well i have some answers for you. See if one of these answer your question?

Here Is The Cool Stuff In His Early Life

Red Skelton was the son of hagenbeck. He went to a circus when he was fifteen. He also sold newspapers. He traveled his first time when he was fifteen and he made music too.

MORE COOL STUFF When hes Famous

He was a comedian.He had a radio show. He had a television show too. He was in a couple of other films too. His show was renamed Red Skelton hour. He was born July 18 and he was the youngest son.
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Red Skelton

Well i think this the end

Wasn't that a lot about red Skelton. If you want to learn more go to one of the in the biblyoghraphy well i have to leave here.