Stella & Dot Jewels For Sale!!!

Sample Sale...Great jewelry at great prices!!

To My Former Hostesses...

Hey Ladies! As many of you know, I had my 2nd child almost a year ago and I quit selling Stella & Dot about 6 months before that!! I can't thank each one of you enough for hosting a show… it was so fun raising money with y'all!! Over the course of a year and a half, over $5000 was donated to various ministries and organizations! THANK YOU!!

I accumulated a lot of jewelry over that year and a half…. and I hate for it to just be sitting around not being worn! So… I'd love to offer it to y'all at a discounted price! Below are the pieces and prices. If you see a piece you want, send me an email ( and I'll send you an invoice through PayPal. Or, you can pay any other way you want! I'll mail you the jewelry… or if you live close by I'll drop it by your house! Let me know if you have any questions…and let me know if you want more info on a particular piece.