Sedgwick Coin Drive


TeachTheFuture Foundation

Hello Sedgwick,

This is TeachTheFuture Foundation and we're running a huge, awesome coin drive at your school and we want you all to be a part of it. Before we start we want to let you know who we are. My name is Emil Irimpan and along with Karthink and Kaushik Ravikumar we're high school kids who started and run an official nonprofit organization called TeachTheFuture Foundation. Our goal in this foundation is to help promote education to places that don't have it impoverished areas such as Africa and we need your help. We hope that we can work together on this mission to help the deserving kids get the education they need.

Coin Drive

Now that we've told you what the problems are in Africa and what we hope to do we want to tell you how you guys can help. At Sedgwick Elementary School what we hope to do is run a 4 week coin drive for the most amount of money. We realized that any amount helps, but having a goal is always easier to work with and towards. If each child could donate 25 cents a day then we would hit our goal and be able to help the children even more. For more information and if you have any questions please visit us online at Thank you so much for your time and let's help these kids in Africa get the education they deserve together.