Book Report by Brittany Kline

'Uglies ' by Scott Westerfield ( Pages 432)

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Setting & Context


The Smoke, Rusty Ruins, News Pretty Town, Uglyville


In the world of this book there is a futuristic dystopian society where people are told they are not pretty until they go through an operation that makes them beautiful and until this operation "uglies" are not allowed to live with "pretties".

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Main Characters

Protagonist: Tally Youngblood is the main character that at first wishes to be pretty but as she goes on a journey, she realizes that there is more to life than how you look.

Antagonist: The Antagonist in the story is the procedure to become pretty because pretty much all of the conflict in the story is caused by people being forced to become pretty when they turn 16.

Minor Characters


Doesn't believe in turning pretty, lived in Uglyville, but then ran away to The Smoke


Falls in love with Tally, lives in the smoke with his parents

3.Az & Maddy:

David's Mom and Dad who believe turning pretty is evil and that is messes with your head


Tally's best friend/ love until she meets David



Tally Youngblood has to decide weather she wants to have the pretty operation and betray Shay and the Smokies and turn them in to the specials or to stay ugly forever. This conflict was man vs himself.


-Tally meets Doctor Cable and he uses her to find out where the smoke is Tally tries to destroy the tracker by throwing it into the fire but instead it activates it. This conflict s an example of man vs man.

-the specials came to destroy the smoke, they took maddy, croy, shay and az to special circumstances. This conflict is an example of man vs man.

-tally and david go to rescue maddie,az, shay and croy. This conflict is an example of man vs man.

-When Tally turns pretty is an example of man vs society conflict because their society pressures 16 year old's to become pretty and brain washed.


One of the themes in this book is people don't have to be pretty to be loved or have friends.

Another one of the themes in the book is friendship because sometimes you lose friends and sometimes you get to make really great ones!

Personal Opinions


I like that the book had an interesting plot.


Although, I like that the book had an interesting plot, I thought the plot was hard to follow.

Favorite Part-

My favorite part was when Tally met Shay in New Prettyvile and they go hover boarding.