Week At A Glance

December 7-11, 2015

What do YOU believe about learning? How are you tweaking instruction to reflect those beliefs?

Weekly Quotes

"The less I do the better!" ~Dan Renckly (in reference to allowing students the freedom of choice and creativity)

Do you have a 'quote' of the week that you would like to share? It could be something you've read, heard from a student/staff, or a nugget of wisdom of your own. Email it to Kim or Randy to share.

Social Health Schedule (5th grade only)

Student game

There are students who are asking to play the game 'Charlie, Charlie' here in school which will not be allowed. It has come up recently apparently due to a hype for a potential horror movie in the making. The game is said to be a simplified version of the 'Ouija Board' and summons a Mexican “demon” by the name of Charlie. The “Charlie Charlie Challenge”, as it is being called, entails placing two pencils on a piece of paper in the shape of the cross with the words “yes” and “no” written in each quadrant.

Appropriate texting/emailing

While we realize that we cannot and will not monitor what students are doing at home on their devices (ipads/phones/ipods/computers/etc.), there are situations which come to school that we must handle. One example of something that is reported by students is that of inappropriate emailing and/or texting. While we cannot give consequences for inappropriate language used when at home, if those communications are threatening, bullying, or if the situation is 'brought' to school and disrupts the educational environment to a large degree, the situation may have to be handled in a disciplinary fashion.

What we can do is to provide a periodic reminder to our students of what appropriate online activity looks like. That constant drip will hopefully refocus some and serve as a reminder to all. Please take a few moments in the upcoming week to remind/discuss this with students. You may want to consider springboarding the conversation with the quick video related to Digital Footprints - Day 11 of iPad roll-out segments: https://goo.gl/wGccNY Thank you!!

Friendly Falcons

Please send your Friendly Falcon names to John by Monday, 12/7.

NWEA Mid-year assessment

Remember that the window is open for NWEA assessment until 1/20. Many teachers that waited to assess the two days before break indicated that they would not do it again as students were not as focused as they could have been the week or two before that. Being able to get accurate data allows us to use the data formatively.

Please let Jessica and Jaime know when your classes have finished so they may begin reviewing students data as soon as possible for RtI purposes.

College Career Academy Visit

Join us on 12/9 @ 3:15pm to visit the HSE High School College Career Academy to see how the learning environment at the high school has been developed to foster and support our HSE21 vision. Arrive at Door 18 (South entrance) and park in the south parking lot. Student dismissal at this time creates a lot of traffic, so just be aware.

Second Steps

This month in the Second Step program the 5th grade will move into the area of Bullying Prevention (recognizing bullying) and the 6th grade continue with the area of Bullying Prevention (cyber bullying), which they started last month. Thanks for continuing to share these important topics with your classes. Hopefully it stimulates meaningful conversation and encourages students to carry out these practices in their everyday interactions with others :)

5th Grade December Lesson (6): Bullying Prevention-recognizing bullying

Students will be able to:

•Recognize and define bullying

• Understand how bullying can affect them and their peers

•Empathize with individuals who are bullied

•Understand what they can do if they or someone they know is bullied

6th Grade December Lesson (6--7 can be included at your discretion): Bullying Prevention- cyber bullying
Students will be able to:

•Recognize that technology is sometimes used for bullying

•Understand ways they can be “part of the solution” to cyber bullying

•Understand strategies for dealing with cyber bullying

Digging into Discipline Data

As we move into the final month of the semester, here are some discipline data points to think about and challenge ourselves with:

  • 5.8% of student population has a recorded Skyward offense (48 out 831 students)
  • 83% of students have a single offense/not repeat offender after initial offense
  • 26% of total offenses are from 3 students (1 multi-racial/1 white/1 Hispanic) - one already on behavior plan and two referred to RtI/PBIS team with behavior improving
  • 49% of total offenses are from 10 students
  • 13% of all offenses are from Female students
  • 87% of all offenses are from Male students
  • 30% of all offenses are from Special Education students (approx. 10% of population is indicated as SpEd)
  • 70% of all offenses are from General Education students
  • 73% of all offenses were from 6th grade
  • 27% of all offenses were from 5th grade
  • Our number of referrals for our Hispanic, Black, and Multiracial students is disproportionate when compared to the % of students in the entire population...by three times the amount.

Ponder this initial data. Discuss it with your team. What items are celebrations? What
items may cause us to reconsider how we are focusing our efforts? teaching/learning? mentoring? how we view students? What does it mean for you? your team?

We will focus on this data as we architect school improvement goals in junction with ISTEP & NWEA data, and more.

Food Pantry Drive

The FCI Student Council is sponsoring a Pantry Drive for the Fall Creek Township Food Pantry. More Information will be distributed by student council and classroom teachers. More information about the Fall Creek Township Food Pantry can be found at http://www.fallcreektownshipoffice.com/food-pantry/

The Pantry currently has plenty of canned soups and vegetables but they are need of many of the items: Stuffing mix, Instant potatoes, canned fruit, Canned gravy, Fruit juice, Boxes of jello, packages Kool aid, Instant hot chocolate mix, Instant coffee, Crackers, Napkins, Cereal, Peanut butter, Jelly, 5 lb bag flour, 5 lb bag sugar, Laundry detergent, Dish soap, Toilet paper, Shampoo, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Paper towel, Cake mix, Rice, Sauce (spaghetti/pasta sauces), Cake/cookie mix, and Mac n cheese

HSE Teaching and Learning...

Because of Thanksgiving Break, this week’s blog entry is coming to you a few days early. It was written by Matt Lane, a teacher at Riverside Junior High, who responded to this question: “Which author has influenced your life?” We think you will enjoy reading about the impact one writer has had on Matt, as a person and as a teacher.

Click here to read Matt’s musings on Charleston, family vacations, and cussing:

Something Greater Than Teaching?

On a different note, we hope your Thanksgiving Break is a great one. It could hardly come at a better time! Terrorist attacks in Paris and North Africa, tens of thousands of Syrian refugees seeking safety, and the closer-to-home shooting in Chicago are featured prominently in today’s headlines. If you watch or listen to the daily news, it may be tempting to lose perspective and to lose hope.

Thanksgiving is here to remind us of the good things surrounding us. This holiday is often about family, friends, and good food. It is, however, also about hope. When we stop to reflect and give thanks, we find positive ways to move forward and we find renewed hope.

We are thankful for all you do for the students of Hamilton Southeastern. Our hope and belief is that your work as educators will continue to transform the world in positive ways.

For that we are truly grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Your HSE Teaching and Learning Team

~ Food for Thought ~

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What's Happenin' at the Creek!

Monday, December 7th, 2015 Rot. I-5

6:35-7:20am - Math Bowl

2:45-5:00pm - Girls Basketball Tryouts

2:45-3:45pm - Science Bowl

4:00-5:00pm - District Discussion meeting (Admin)

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 Rot. F-1

2:45-3:45pm - Science Bowl

2:45-4:30pm - Boys Bball Practice

2:50-3:50pm - GEMS Club

4:30-6:00pm - Girls Basketball Tryouts

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 Rot. F-2

6:35-7:20am - Math Bowl

7:30-3:00 - Fountas & Pinnell PD (see additional information above)

2:45-4:30pm - Girls Bball Practice

5:00pm - Boys Bball Game vs. Mt. Vernon @ Home

Thursday, December 10th, 2015 Rot. F-3

7:30-11:00 - School Improvement Team meeting (bookroom - Room 200)

1:30-2:30 - School Diversity Team meeting - Ian, Kim, Randy, Jen, John, Jessica (Conference Room)

2:45-4:30pm - Girls Bball Practice

4:45-5:15pm - Parent Meeting for Girls Bball

Friday, December 11th, 2015 Rot. C-1

5th Grade Social Health (see schedule above)

Monday, December 14th, 2015 Rot. C-2

6:35-7:20am - Math Bowl Practice

2:45-4:30pm - Boys Bball Practice

2:45-3:45pm - FCI Connect (Cafeteria)

2:45-3:45pm - Science Bowl

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 Rot. C-3

7:30-3:00 - Fountas & Pinnell PD (see additional information above)

2:45-3:45pm - Science Bowl

2:45-4:30pm - Girls Bball Practice

5:00pm - Boys Bball Game vs. Carmel @ Home

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 Rot. I-1

6:55-7:25am - Student Council

2:45-4:30pm - Boys Bball Practice

4:30-6:30pm - Girls Bball Practice

Thursday, December 17th, 2015 Rot. I-2

2:45-4:30pm - Girls Bball Practice

5:00pm - Boys Bball Game @ HIJH

Friday, December 18th, 2015 Rot. I-3

2:00-2:40 - Winter celebrations in classroom (icy treat & water delivered to rooms)
Grading period Ends
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FCI Miscellaneous notes

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