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Wednesday 6 July

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Whaiwhakaaro is Thoughtfulness: E iti noa ana, nā te aroha

Although it is small, it is given with love

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Macleans Primary School Community

Hi Everyone

Thank you to all our Macleans Primary School whānau for a wonderful term 3 which concludes this Friday 8 July at 3pm. There has been many highlights this term, from A to Z, or should I say from L to V, learning to values! Regardless of what your highlight has been for the term, the home-school partnership that we endeavour to foster and grow continues to be the foundation for all of us within the Macleans Primary School Community.

The Macleans Primary School Values will be on full display this Friday for our first ever 'Values Day'. Classrooms will be buddied-up as the children will work through values based learning activities, with a strong focus on 'respect'. A reminder that Values Day is a Cazh Day for all.

How did you find the Learning Pathway sent home 2 weeks ago? The Learning Pathways are designed to provide comprehensive and easy to read learning information about your child. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher should you have any questions about the Learning Pathways and your child's learning.

There is typically not any homework and home-learning projects for children to complete over the break. There is, however, a task that I ask parents to complete and that is the 2022 Health Consultation Community Survey. The link is HERE.

Congratulations to Moana House who have won the Term 2 House challenge. The Cazh Day for Moana House is tomorrow (see separate notice sent home yesterday). A reminder that theiere is a whole school cazh day this Friday for our MPS 'Values Day'.

Please remember that if you open this newsletter in your email your message may be clipped, so view in 'browser' if an option or 'view entire message'.

Have a great break everyone and I wish you a school holiday full of happy times with your children, family and friends.

Nga Mihi.

Matthew Cooke

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•Wednesday 27 July

•MPS Notices and update at anytime

Dates For Your Diary (more Events published 1st Newsletter of Term 3, Wednesday 27 July)

Thursday 7July - Winning House for Term 2 Cazh Day for Moana House - wear something blue!

Friday 8 July- - Macleans Primary Values Day and Cazh Day

Friday 8 July- - Last Day of Term 2

Monday 25 July - First Day of Term 3

Thursday 28July - Hauora/Well-Being: Resilience Project Zoom for Parents 7 - 7.45 (details TBA)

Thursday 28July - Howick Intermediate visit Y6 students.

31 August & 1 September - Parent-Child Learning Conferences (details TBA)

MPS Travelwise Team In Action on Monday 27 June

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School Board Parent Election 2022

Our school will be undertaking a parent election for 4 School Board vacancies. This process will start with the issuing of nomination papers to our caregiver community by Friday 15 July 2022. This will be done via email, and if you do not have an email you will receive the information in the post.

We have employed CES to undertake the election process on our behalf. This year with legislative change, our nomination form and full instruction on how to place your nomination into our own School’s Election website will be emailed to you if we have your email address in our database or you will receive it by post if we don’t have your email in our database. Nomination papers will also be available at the school office. The school will send those on to CES for processing upon receipt from candidates.

Nominations close on Wednesday 3rd August at 12 noon. Election day is Wednesday 7 September. We look forward to your participation in this process.

Wayne Jamieson - Returning Officer, CES

89 Nazareth Avenue | Middleton | Christchurch | PO Box 414 | Christchurch 8140

P (03) 338 4444 | Cell 021 399 744 Web

Hockey Field Day: Tuesday 28 June

Macleans Primary School sent 6 teams

Jumping June & Heart Foundation...Next Steps

Again, well done everyone you for all of your hard work fundraising. We have raised an incredible amount for the Heart Foundation, over $13,000 so well done everyone! Prize orders are open now! To order your prize, you simply need to log in to the profile your child created on during the prize ordering window. Once you log in, a pop up will appear advising you to Order Prizes. This will then allow you to select your prize. You will have until f FRIDAY 8 JULY to submit your prize order online. Once again, thank you so much for all of your help and support for the Jumping June event and the Heart Foundation!

Remember that the opportunity to order the prizes closes on FRIDAY 8 JULY, so please make sure you do so before then. To order your prize, you simply need to log in during the prize ordering window. Once you log in, a pop up will appear advising you to Order Prizes. This will then allow you to select your prize. We have raised as a school for the Heart amazing $13,886.50!!!

Hauora/Well-Being: Sleep

Sleep is important for restoring energy, and for growth and development. There is increasing evidence that not enough, or poor quality, sleep can negatively affect children’s behaviour, learning, health, wellbeing and weight.

Recommended total hours of sleep for children:

  • Primary/intermediate school age (5–13 years) is 9–11 hours
  • Teenagers (14+) is 8–10 hours

It is not just the amount of sleep that is important, but also the quality of that sleep. The tips below may be helpful:

  • Have a regular bedtime routine: This might include a bath, brushing their teeth, a story then bed. Quiet activities are good before bed.
  • Avoid active games, playing outside, and screen use (eg TV, internet, computer games) in the hour before bedtime.
  • Have a regular bedtime and wake up time. It helps your child to understand when it is time to sleep.
  • Have a comfortable sleep environment. The place where they sleep should be quiet, warm and dark (though a night light is okay).
  • Have no distractions in the place where children sleep, including TV, computer screens and portable devices.
  • A meal within 1 to 2 hours of going to sleep is not recommended. However, a light snack may help some children.
  • Avoid giving your child food and drinks containing caffeine as it can affect their sleep.
  • It is important for children to be active throughout the day. Activity can also help your child to sleep. Time spent in bright sunlight such as being active outside can also help children to sleep, but don’t forget to be sunsmart! Avoid lots of activity in the hour before bedtime.

Things that might affect your child’s sleep

  • It is normal for young children to have naps during the day. As they get older they will need less sleep, and fewer naps. If your child has a nap after 4 pm (except for newborns and infants) it may be harder for them to get to sleep at night.
  • Being unwell can also affect your child’s sleep. If your child snores a lot, or stops breathing for short periods while asleep, discuss this with your GP.

Kapa Haka Matariki Performance on 23 June

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Reflections...All Blacks Experience on 22 June

On Wednesday 26 June, 25 students from the MPS rugby teams travelled to the SkyTower to visit the 'All Blacks Experience'. The students were engaged in many different learning activities and experiences linked to the All Blacks. The final learning experience for the days was a written report on the day. The reports are available for reading in the school library.

Amazing Art - Part #1 (Part #2 in 27 July Newsletter)

Have you seen the new art displayed in the Hall?

Health Consultation Survey: Share Your Voice

We need your voice! Please complete the Health Survey HERE. The results of the survey will help us further develop our Health Programmes for the children at Macleans Primary.

Assessment & Reporting at Macleans Primary: Learning Conferences on 31 August and 1 September

A reminder to mark your calendars for the learning conferences on 31 August and 1 September. Details are to be announced closer to the time.

Year 7 (Year 6 This Year) Bucklands Beach Intermediate School Enrolments 2023 & Board Elections

Bucklands Beach Intermediate School will begin taking both in zone and out of zone enrolments from current Year 6 students for Year 7 next year. The online enrolment form will “go live” from Monday 4th July. Go to this address, read through and prepare documents to attach, and then click on the 2023 Enrolment form. The closing date for all enrolments is Wednesday 7th September, 2022.

BBI is also holding School Board elections in September this year. All Year 6 in-zone parents from contributing schools are eligible to vote. You will receive nomination forms in mid July from CES (Canterbury Education Services) who will be acting as returning officers. Should you live out of zone, but wish to stand on the Board, then please ensure that the person who nominates you is on the electoral Roll (showing as in zone for BBI). Do contact the BBI school office on if you are interested in attending a Board meeting.

Year 7 (Year 6 this year) Howick Intermediate School Enrolments & Board Elections

Howick Intermediate has information about enrolments for 2023 on their school website HERE. They will also be providing MPS soon with information for Year 6 students to take home.

Howick Intermediate is also holding School Board elections in September this year. All Year 6 in-zone parents from contributing schools are eligible to vote. You will receive nomination forms in mid July from CES (Canterbury Education Services) who will be acting as returning officers. Nominations close on 3 August and voting closes at 4pm on Wednesday 7 September. For more information contact Returning Officer Steph Elder at Howick Intermediate on (09) 534-3922 or

Lego - Brickz for Kids @ MPS in Term 3

Keen on your child doing some lego in T3? Brickz for kids is continuing their Friday afterschool lego programme here at MPS. See below for more details and for the downloadable flyer.
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Lego Holiday Programme

Lego everyday fort your child in the holidays at the Uxbridge Centre in Howick? Why not! See below for more details and for the downloadable flyer.
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Get to Know MPS...Year 3 Rakino Team (from left to right)

Louise Ely (R17) - A mum to 3 children ranging in age from college to university, Louise enjoys balancing her spare time sewing or enjoying an energetic game of tennis, occasionally mixed in with a leisurely walk.

Shirley Leong (R18 & Lead Teacher) - When Shirley is not at MPS she enjoys spending time with her husband at a local beach, sometimes boogie boarding! She also enjoys playing board games and tennis with friends

Ludene Lefevre (R20) - Ludene is a mum to 2 children who are both at Macleans Primary School. Ludene is the Board of Trustees Staff Rep. When Ludene is not teaching or being a mum, she enjoys spending time at the beach with her family.

Rebecca Skeen (R19) - Rebecca ha recently returned back to MPS from Maternity Leave. Her 18 month old is a wonderful younger sibling to her 5 year old son. Rebecca enjoys Jodi Picoult novels and spending time at the beach and parks with her children

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Hunger Hut Open on Friday 8 July

How about an end of the week and term treat for the kids? A $2 donut treat, or perhaps popcorn or a small stationery items, or even some stickers? The Hunger Hut promotes an authentic shop experience for the kids, which includes the maths curriculum, as they use coins/cash only for their purchases.

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Repeat Message #1: Correct Parking vs Incorrect Parking

Reminders Please:

1. Don't park on verges

2. Drop off children on Gills, Priestly or Bucklands Beach Road so they can walk into the school (age & confidence dependent of course)

3. Don't park in 2 minute drop-offs for too long at drop off and pick-up times

4. Consider dropping off on Marandellas and letting children walk through the park and cross at the crossing on Gills Road (age & confidence dependent of course).

5. Please do not park in the Priestly Road Shops parking (unless you are shopping there of course) as it is challenging for customers to access the parking spaces around 3pm

Repeat Message #2: Yearbook and Other Children's Photos

Upon enrolment at MPS we ask parents to give permission for their child (ren) to appear in the yearbook or other media areas of the school, such as the website or facebook page. As we have begun compiling photos and organisation for the end of the year yearbook/school magazine, we want to ensure our records are up to date. If you DO NOT wish for your child to appear in the yearbook or any other media and/or MPS publication, please let me know on Please only email me only if you DO NOT want your child's face appearing.

REPEAT MESSAGE #3: DISCO TERM 4 - Dates TBA Later In the Year

Our Disco Committee are seeking more volunteers – would you like to help plan a fantastic end-of-year party for the kids? If you thrive on event planning or would like to help in any way, please email

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