Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

by Dillon Beaman

Basic Information

  • When- August 6th and 9th, 1945 during WWII
  • Who- USA dropped atomic bombs on Japan
  • What- Two atomic bombs (Fat Man and Little Boy)
  • Where- Two different cities called Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  • Why- To end WWII and prevent further American casualties
Interview of US citizen about bombing of Japan

Different Media Portrayals

Different Biases

  • Radical USA Patriotic- This bias is seen through the eyes of someone very patriotic and loves their country. The person doesn't care too much about anyone or anything outside the American borders. This person believes that America is, and deserves to be, the leading nation.
  • Conservative- This bias is seen through the eyes of someone that doesn't care too much about patriotism. The person thinks deeper than just themselves and their country. They choose nonviolence, and don't partake in radical ideals.

Different Criticisms

  • Historical Criticism- Never in history has a weapon been used as deadly as an atomic bomb. The US opened the door for other countries to develop and use atomic weapons.
  • Feminist Criticism- Few, if any, women's opinions influenced the decision to use the bombs. During the 1940's women's opinions were far from equal from men's.

Personal Bias and Opinion

All throughout school, I was taught that the bombing was an overall positive thing even though it killed thousands of people. I have not questioned whether the US should or should not have dropped the atomic bombs, simply because I do not particularly care. By living in the US, the opinion that the bombs had to be dropped prevails king. In Japan I am almost sure that the population thinks way differently about the whole situation. The children in school are taught different biases than I was. In the end, just by living in the US, my mind wants to favor the idea that the bombs needed to be dropped.