Fish Goes Down The Throat To Hell

by jayden

drinking fish juice

12-18 year olds are choking on gold fish for... Fear Factor Challenge. last thursday in high river 12-18 year olds are putt in groups to do three challenges. first was the fishy the had to fill a glass with water and a fish, then,"gulp" there he goes.

second challenge the smoothie

mc smoothie

yes a smoothie you would not think its much, but the boys and girls who did it did. if there group did not swallow they had to do this and one more, but this challenge, you had to drink a whole smoothie made from a happy meal from mc donalds
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third challenge the dessert, FEET CREAM!!!!!!!!

ya ice cream made from feet they had to make a dessert with sprinkles whip cream and banana and they had to eat it after. if they did then the group got points
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AC/DC - Highway To Hell [Clean version]

i give it a 10 out of 5