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January 2023

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Welcome Back!

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Important Information

School Hours

8:35 a.m. – 3:50 p.m.

Tardies begin at 8:35.


Breakfast and lunch are served daily. All students/parents must complete the lunch application. Applications may be done through https://schoolcafe.com. Breakfast ends at 8:25 for walkers, car riders, and daycare riders.

I.D. /Bus Tags

I.D. badges are part of the school’s mode of dress and are to be worn at all

times. Badges are the property of the school and must be replaced at a cost if lost or damaged. Replacement cost per I.D. or Bus Tag is $5.00. Replacement cost per clip or plastic sleeve is $0.25. There are school consequences for failure to wear the I.D. badge. All badges must be worn on a clip. Students may wear their I.D. on a chain once they’ve earned the Honor Roll Award or the Budewig Lanyard.

Smart Tag & I.D. Reminder Expectations



Bus transportation will be provided for all students who live two miles or more from campus. Transportation will also be provided for those students who lack a safe walking route to school. Where students walk to school, crossing guards are provided along their route. Students and parents are required to follow designated routes. Failure to follow bus safety rules may result in the loss of transportation privileges. Students are not allowed to change buses. Parents are required to their address on file current at all times.

Transportation Change

In order to change a child’s transportation home, parents MUST send a note with their child notifying the teacher of the change, come to the campus in person to request the change, or fax the request along with a picture ID to 281-497-7293. If the school does not receive

notification prior to 3:00 PM, the child must go home by his/her regular

mode of transportation.

Early Pick Up

No student will be released from school after 3:15 PM unless it is an emergency. Parents making such a request will need to provide a photo ID and speak with an administrator to determine if the situation constitutes an emergency. If approved, student will be counted for partial day absence.

Late Pick-Up

Parents/daycare providers who pick up students after 4:20 PM must come into the building and sign the child out from the front office. A photo ID must be shown when checking out a child from Budewig. As per district policy, we are required to contact the Alief Campus Police when a child is not picked up by 5:00 p.m.


Report cards are sent home every nine weeks. Students will receive progress reports every three weeks leading to the report card. Parents will be notified if a child is making unsatisfactory progress. Students will also have the responsibility of keeping their parents informed of their schoolwork by getting their student agenda signed daily and taking progress reports and report cards home. Parents may also request weekly e-mail updates of students’ grades. Information regarding how to access this program will be sent home to every parent by mail or through the school’s newsletter. It is also available on the school website.

The grading scale for Alief I.S.D. is:

A = 90 – 100

B = 80 – 89

C = 75 – 79

D = 70 – 74

F = 69 and below – failing

2022- 2023 Mode of Dress

The Budewig Mode of Dress for students consists of a basic uniform that parents may purchase at the store of their choice. The selections for the Budewig “mode of dress” are as follows:


  • Collared Tops – Any solid color
  • Bottoms – navy blue or khaki
  • Students cannot wear the same colored top and bottom (e.g. navy blue top and navy blue bottom)
  • No stripes, decorations or words/graphics on clothing are permitted


  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Bottoms must be loose fitting (not baggy) and worn at the waist. Students with sagging or tight bottoms may receive an office referral and disciplinary action.
  • Shorts, skirts and skorts are acceptable, but they must be no higher than 2” above the knee.
  • Cut-offs are not allowed.
  • For safety reasons, students must wear closed toe shoes that cover the entire foot including the heel (no open-toe sandals, slides, mules, flip-flops, etc.).
  • Sweaters/sweatshirts must be a solid color (no print, no hoods). Cardigan, pullover, hooded, or V-neck styles are all acceptable if worn with an appropriate uniform shirt underneath. School purchased hoodies will be permitted.
  • No oversized clothing (i.e. outerwear) is allowed at any time.
  • Female students may wear solid colored tights or leggings in solid red, white, navy blue or black under their skirts, dresses, or skorts. Leggings may not be worn alone as uniform bottoms.
  • Budewig sweatshirts may be purchased and worn daily.

Spirit Days:

  • Mondays are Budewig Spirit Days. Students may wear their Budewig shirts on Monday with uniform bottoms.
  • Wednesday are club days. Students who are in a club may wear their club shirts on Wednesdays with uniform bottoms.
  • Fridays are college days. Student may wear college shirts on Friday with uniform bottoms.
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School Closures

January 16: Dr. Martin Luther King Day

The Family Center

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Report Cards

Report cards will go home January 12.
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Students will listen to, read, and view a variety of texts and media that present them with information about the Earth. A genre focus on persuasive text provides students with opportunities to identify the author’s purpose and audience, as well as the elements of persuasive writing in order to better understand unfamiliar texts. Students will also encounter realistic fiction, drama, and informational text to build knowledge across genres. As students build their vocabulary and synthesize topic knowledge, they will learn that there are many ways to protect the future of the world around us.

Learning fun for the whole family!

  • Set aside time daily for your child to share with you what he or she is learning.
  • Ask your child to read to you each day and make time to read together.
  • Share with your child your own questions about the topic, and work together to find the answers.
  • Look for texts that spark your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder.

Upcoming Assessments

  • 1/13 - Module 5 Week 1 Assessment
  • 1/20 - Module 5 Week 2 Assessment
  • 1/30 - Module 5 Assessment
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  • Encourage students to use i-Ready for 30 minutes daily
  • Upcoming date – Math Night on February 23 @ 6:30-7:30
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Happy New Year!

We are digging deep into Earth and Space content in our 5th and 6th grade classes. 5th grade is focusing on Earth’s rotation while 6th grade is exploring the layers of the Earth. The second week of January 10 groups of students will be representing Budewig Intermediate at the District STEM fair! All students who participated did a fantastic job and should be proud of all of their hard work. The science department would like to wish your family a wonderful 2023!


District STEM fair - 1/10

5th Grade Earth CBA - 1/13

5th Grade STAAR Interim Assessment (Practice STAAR Test) - 2/13

6th Grade Earth & Space CBA - 2/24

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Has your address changed?

To update your address, please submit the following documents to Budewig's Registrar:

1. Proof of Identification

2. Updated Proof of Address

Please email a copy of the current lease and/or utility bill to pehurtad@ga.aliefisd.net. In the email, please attach the scanned documents and in the body of the email, please list the child's full name, the child's date of birth, student ID#, list your former address, and your new address.

Please note: As students receive their bus tags, their buses are assigned based upon the current address in our system. They will not be able to change their assigned bus if their addresses are not updated.