5 People you meet in heaven

by Mitch Album


Eddie has been going to Ruby Pier since he was a little kid, and he worked there fixing rides and machines. Eddie had kinda a sad life, he didn't really get to do much of what he wanted. Eddie was a retired veteran. The day started out ordinary, he was fixing rides and a ride was breaking and a little girl was underneath and he ran to save her from dying. While hes in heaven he meets 5 people that all were in his life for a specific reason. Throughout the story Eddie try's to figure out if he saved the little girl or not. Eddies last memory was the little girls hands in his.

Character Analysis

Eddie seems to like children better then teenagers. Also, hes kinda sad, because he never really got to do what he wanted to do in life.

Praise or Pan

I praise this book to all readers. I praise this because this book has a good message and it was enjoyable.
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