Self Concept

Hristina Maradjiyska

How does what we believe determine what we feel?

What we believe is determined by three reasons:

- Maintaining Positive or Negative Attitude.

- The Power Of Believing.

- Self-Esteem.

Maintaining Positive or Negative Attitude

When people see things trough positive eyes, they will begin to have the right perspective. They will begin to see things in a different way. If people focus more on the negative, that will only lead them in the wrong way. They may begin to maintain negative attitude. See, when we focus on the positive, we will maintain good attitude. Not only that, but we will begin to think or speak positive about yourself, future, or goals. Sometimes, when we have negative perspective, we may see people as they are against us. It depends on what perspective we look at because it can made what we believe. It can make the way we look at things in our life.

The Power Of Believing

Sometimes what people think about themselves, their future, or their goals, they may begin to believe them. What you believe, you will become. If you believe right, you will live right, but if we believe negative, we will go the wrong direction. In 1999, Baumeister says that the definition of self concept is the individual belief about himself or herself, including the person's attributes who and what the self is. When we believe, all things are possible. See, sometimes person think something is hard before he or she do it. When we believe, we will become more confident in our actions. We will begin to go in the right direction.

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When people respond to us positively, our self-esteem will go high. We will begin to feel good about our self. Most likely to build positive self-esteem. If someone treats or respond to us negatively, that can affect what we believe. Most of the times, our self-esteem is build on what we believe or what other person say. Our self-esteem is based on what we believe. " When we compare ourselves to others and find ourselves lacking, it can have a negative impact on our self-esteem. " How people look at us, treat us, what they say to us or do, can determine the way we feel, or what we believe.