Peter and Catherine the Great

By: Lucas Mainenti, and Michael Menichino

Catherine the Great Accomplishments

Catherine the Great encouraged French language and customs, wrote histories and plays, and organized performances. She also extended the boards of Russia and westernized Russia. Later on in 1776 she created a major cultural institute called the Great Theater in Moscow.

Catherine the Great Personality

She had a very bright personality and she always had a strong sense of determination. She also was very intelligent and learned Russian and embraced the Russian Orthodox Faith.

Catherine the Great Policies

She developed a system called the "Code of laws" which proposed a system providing equal protection under the law for all persons and expressed many criminal acts instead of giving them harsh punishment.

Catherine the Great Facts

  • Her real name wasn't Catherine and she wasn't even Russian. Her real name was Sophie van anhalt- Zerbst
  • Some people claim that she died while on the toilet
  • She married Grand Duke Peter and they both cheated on each other