By: Amiyah Ransom


I’m going to tell you about Boxers what they eat, where they live, what they act like and what they look like. I hope after reading this you will love and know everything about boxers.


If boxers get human food they will think it is a treat especially cooked meat or raw meat if you put it on a counter they will try to get you an attention and try telling you that it wants to have it or it will jump up and grab it. but don’t feed it chocolate it will die if you do. Don’t let it around mushrooms either or it will throw up. Boxers also need one cup of dog food in the morning and two at night.


Boxers are mostly indoor pets you can find them in a house or a pet store. Someone might even trade something for one. Some live out in the wild or outdoor pets but you can mostly see them in Germany because that is where they found the first Boxer. they also live in South America there is even a club!


Boxers are really playful and friendly they love kids but they will jump on you and lick you. They are really good at guarding if someone knocks or rings the doorbell they will get hyper and if they see someone and also bark loud. Sometimes they can be really funny but most of all there lovable example if you cry they well come to you and lick you a lot.


Boxers are 53.3 to 63.5 cm (21 to 25) they also have head White marks on their feet,chest and head.

Fun Facts

  • Boxers are named after the sport boxing because they use their front paws to play.
  • Boxers look like Tigers but their Black with Orange stripes.


counter it’s like a table


especially it means even


hyper it means crazy

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Now that you read All About Boxers. I hope you know a lot about them and I hope one day you’ll get a Boxer. If you want more info about Boxers go to: Bye!