Leonardo Centeno

Philosophy of education

My attitude and progress when I started here was great. Everyone in Carpe Diem is friendly and nice to hang out with. My attitude toward teachers is to respect them because they respect you back better than any other teacher at other schools would. Carpe Diem is not to hard and not to easy school because we are doing both easy and hard work. This school has some hard working kids with talent that can do easy things compared with others. This school provides 100% guaranteed trust, protection, and fun. You will explore cool things here especially on field trips.

It’s important to go to school to get some education and knowledge in order to get a better chance of getting a job in the future. Once you’ve accomplished high school graduation, you can accomplish anything you hope for. People without an education have a harder time getting a job because no one can trust what an uneducated person can do. Without a diploma people will think of you as a failure because you didn’t graduate high school. What they don’t know is some people actually have reasons for not graduating that’s not fair for those who couldn’t get a diploma. I believe you don’t need a diploma to get a good job because I have family members with great jobs that pay very well and they don’t have a high school diploma, but they started small and kept working hard to get to where they are now. Knowing my family, what they do and how they did it, looks like it took forever, but they did it without a diploma so that means you don’t need diploma. My family said “ they had really hard time and that I need to go to school because that's where I can take the easy path without getting in trouble. So don’t waste time, just get it done and you’ll have a better life than ours.” So technically you don’t need a high school diploma but it’s better to have the shortcut in life.

I agree with society about going to school but I highly disagree about the exit exam tests that they want us to take. To me, grades are just a letter and all that matters is experience for future jobs. We don’t need a written test about a job because people are not scared to get down and dirty for a job they really want. I think that soon it’s gonna be all about experience and connections to get a better job, not education.

A skill I need for my future job is organization because it can go downhill from there when you lose things. I need organization to get the tools from the right place when working on vehicles, I have to organize where I put the tools and parts. I also need to work on my time management because nobody wants a slacker. My first career goal is to get a job as a mechanic on American and Japanese vehicles. I have experience working on these types of cars but I am also trying to learn more about other vehicles so I can hopefully build custom engines on day. Building project cars is another thing that I can have fun building with friends and family. I have plans of building my own shop and not rip off people to make more money like the stealership, also known as the dealership. All I want is for people to pay for a fair price. I love working on cars because they’re apart of history and how they changed is amazing because back in the day cars were nothing compared to the ones now; they can go faster than ever and look more luxurious than before. I also like classics because those are way easier to work on the engine. I’ve never felt so happy then when i'm working on cars.

The main affective skills that are important are cooperation, responsibility, and organization. Cooperation is a good skill because while working with other people you can learn from them and they can learn from you. If you don’t cooperate with your boss you’ll be fired like that. You can gain respect from friends and family for helping them out. Responsibility is another good skill that includes being on time and doing the best job you can. This can also look good on your resume and can get you a better paying job. Organization is a good skill for knowing where the equipment you just had is and prevents things from getting in the way of your work. Organization is also good for getting the job job done in time. With these three skills you can get a job or better, a career. You will learn how everything is better when you use these skills because it’s faster and can get you places for having a great attitude.

Coming to Carpe Diem my attitude has changed compared to other school. I have greater respect for everyone who works here. This school is really fun to be in because, out of everything it’s not boring like the other school. My grades were mostly bad until I realized grades are important in this school, so I stepped up my game and started working hard really hard to keep my grades and trying harder to show up at school. I wouldn’t be able to stay here with bad grades but I changed that by asking for help, working at home, and working harder. I thank all the teachers for helping me get to where I am right now and they have my respect. All I can say to finish this is Carpe Diem has the best staff members because all the teachers here are very nice people and of course our secretary Julie rocks too.


In english class I have a great time because Mrs. D and I always talk about soccer which is pretty cool even though she goes for Arsenal and I go for Barcelona. Barcelona rules all anyway in this class we do a lot of typing and reading like we get to read some interesting stories that I wouldn’t of found out if it wasn’t for Mrs. D so thank you. When we are done reading a story we get to see a movie when the story that we read was based on it which we get to compare. I enjoy when we watch movies because they are all interesting. I think Mrs. D has it all down she is doing everything great because we get to read, type, and we get to compare from the movie and book. What I can do differently as a student is try to finish my work on time because I always wait at the end of the grading period.

One assignment that I enjoyed was forming the future because you can make up how your future will turn out and how you can decide what you be doing. Well I made mine about owning a mechanic shop. Anyway well I barely worked hard on it because I already know what my future is going to be about like how I am a master mechanic. Well the directions were all about how is it like and how humanity technology has changed and well I know it’s the future and i’m sure the cars will be floating. I chose this one because I made it a little holly wood with the future so I hope you'll enjoy it. Also we got to draw how it would look like for extra credit and mine was decent because I am not an artist.


Another assignment that I have done was the childhood map. The childhood map was interesting because it brought back memories when everything used to be until the landlord moved things around. I barely worked on it because I already knew where everything was and what I used to do because me and my sister would always play like building things but that's all gone now which sucks. Anyway I chose this assignment because I would like to show how much freedom we have out in the ranch because we could do whatever we want and my dad put a tire swing that flew out pretty damn high when we pushed kid on there. The purpose of this assignment was to share your childhood home and I followed all directions which made it even easier. Well here is a photo of my childhood map.



I enjoy being in this class because the assignments we get to do are actually interesting. What I found challenging was when every time we get an assignment I would always get side tracked from missing work and when it would get to hard I would just start talking with people and decide I will do it later. Honestly our history teacher is doing a great job because he always makes history fun, interesting, and not boring. He keeps it interesting because he doesn’t just keep it all about the past, there is always present news that we can compare to history assignments, so he uses past and present which can make us think more about what we are learning. What I can try to do different as a student is basically try on every assignment and use my time properly to finish my assignments. What I can also do as a student is pay more attention in class and don’t space off and then not have a clue what I am doing.

One of the assignments that I enjoyed was the Teddy Roosevelt documentary because not only it wasn’t that hard but we all got to use the ipads and make a video with them. I didnt worked that hard because I know I could have done better after realizing it wasn’t that hard to do. I chose this assignment to share because I liked the way it turned out for not trying that hard to do I was impressed because I thought it was going to turn out bad for barely trying but then it turned out good with a little effort. I also chose this one to see if others think it’s decent for a like a minute or two video with little not too much info to make this assignment too long and then make it not interesting. I also kept it basic and not too cheesy but click the link to see my video.


Another assignment that I enjoyed was America in 1960 because a lot of moments were making history. In this assignment what we had to do was look at some slide slows then explain what we see, think, and then Mr. Anderson tells us what's it about and then we can see everything differently about the assignment and the past. In this assignment I did follow directions and I worked pretty hard because I had to predict what was going on and how we thought about this and well I thought it was cool to learn how things are different from now and then which makes feel grateful for what I have now. I chose this assignment specifically to share because we should see that some of this stuff that happened in the past is still currently going on but it’s just people have less awareness. Here is the assignment. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ra-ouXv7XD5gvYZO-zndh40fKIuHME3nT5k4fUUaJ9U/edit#slide=id.p


I like art class because I come back from lunch and we get to start drawing and we get to listen to music. I just recently got out and I enjoyed every time I was in this class because of the art we have done and I know I wouldn't be able to do this on my own time.


Dyalla Swain - Feel Good by Elysium