Noticias de la Semana

November 16 - 20, 2015

Academic Update

Math: Yay for multiplication! Students are doing well. So far we have discussed multiplication as repeated addition and multiplication with matrices. Lessons for the week include: using multiplication to compare (ex: Johnny has 4 times more Pokemon cards than Sally. Sally has 5.), multiplication math stories and using 2 and 5 as factors.

Literacy: This week in large group we are working on author's message. What is the author trying to teach through his/her story.

Intercambios: We are finishing up our government unit on Wednesday. Thursday, the kiddos will be with Sra. Trelles studying the planets and the moon.

Spelling: I'm sending home the spelling words starting this week. There are a couple of attachments. Your child will recognize his/hers. I'm also attaching a page of activity ideas that you can do at home. You don't need to print or sign anything. Just a few extra ideas as Words Their Way focuses more on pattern recognition rather than memorization.

Monday smile :-)

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