By: Ryan Allen

Going up to my lake house

hi its me Ryan again and now i'm on my way up to my lake house in Manitowish waters Wisconsin 687 miles away!! Were almost there, tons of farm stuff. We made it the next day it was the forth of July so we drove the boat over to rest lake on our Colbalt boat with a bravo three duel prop stern drive system, pretty fast!! well everything was great the fireworks and the food but the worst was driving through a narrow river with a thousand boats! yup fun right?

Flying to Flordia on a rainy ,lighting day

Hi my name is Ryan allen and for one part of the summer i went to Flordia.

getting onboard was fun and all but take off was to fast for my head. while flying we flew through rain, was not the best at thirty thousand feet. when we landed it was the best part of my life on the ground again.

going to the harbor for a disney cruise!!

Man im excited were going on a disney cruise to the bahamhas. when we pushed off the docks i knew we were going to hit an iceberg like the titanic did. but we succesfully made it to the bahamas and back to cape Canaverl in the port. on the way home flying back we were takeing off the ground stil with the nose pointed up into the deep dark sky we hit a huge bump of air that pushed the plane down then back up like a rollocoster. finely we landed at Chicago O'hare. this was one fun summer!