come and learn about the desert

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The tough life living in deserts.

Desert's are very dry, more water evaporates than every year. the desert has plants and animals because they have adapted to the desert.Also people have got use to living in the deserts for many years. the coastal maybe almost rain less but damp with fog.This can reduce plant life.

From National Geographic

Sahara Desert

In Sahara desert the country is near sabra the things that make it different is of is very high temperatures it is also hard to live there because of its extremely high temperatures . It is similar to other deserts because it is very dry there.

Race track Desert

The Race track desert is in California.The things that make it different is of its cold winters. land forms that affect the lives of people living there because it has temperatures as high as 54 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit). It is similar to the others because it is dry there.