MKS News - May 2021

CONGRATULATIONS To Our 2021 Seniors!

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A Recital Journey

I'm waiting in the wings, lined up with my friends, trying to remember how the dance begins and where I go in the formation, enthralled watching the other dancers who are dancing before us.

Nervous enough to think I should have used the restroom, but these are the good butterflies that help me to give my all once we begin. My costume, slicked-back hair, and stage makeup have transformed me into the superhero version of myself. The curtain goes up, the music begins, and my muscles remember where to go. My smile is wide, and my heart is full as I dance before an audience that I can barely see through the bright stage lights.

So many great memories of recitals from my childhood fill me with joy! I think of the amazingly fun times we had backstage - eating Starburst and trying to keep our make-up from melting off on our way into the high school choir room turned dressing room in mid-July every summer. Going out for Steak-n-Shake near midnight following our dress rehearsal, and the satisfaction of performances that were the culmination of months of hard work, celebrated with beautiful flowers and hugs from family members and friends.

Then I think about my first days of school as a High School Math Teacher, and channeling all of that goodness from those performances. The butterflies and trained smile helped me to bring my best self to my classroom as a teacher. I was striving to not only teach Math but to engage my students' minds and hearts. I wanted them to find Math enjoyable - or at the very least, bearable. ;) I may have even tap-danced a few times to keep their attention and lighten the mood...

And now, in my role as a dance teacher and dance studio director, I pray that our students find joy in their experiences and on their journeys - not just during Dance Concert, but all year long, and from one year to the next. I pray that they would find connection, build relationships, grow through challenging experiences, gain a strong work ethic, know they are loved, celebrate progress & not perfection, share their beautiful smiles, and dance out a message of hope and love in every performance!

We have 16 graduating Seniors this year! And many of them have been dancing with us for a while now. You will have the opportunity to see a number of them shining their beautiful lights in solos, duets, class spotlights, and in their dances during this year's concerts. Please pray for them and celebrate them as they are moving from one beautiful chapter of their journey into the next!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to dance and tumble with you this year! Thank you for being here with us this year and allowing us to be a part of the memories that your family will hopefully hold dear for years to come!

Jesus Reigns,
Michelle Revelle

BAND for Dance Concert Information!

JOIN US! If you haven't already done so, please join BAND for all information on our Dance Concert! COSTUME INFO SHEETS have been uploaded showing what additional items your dancer will need such as the color and brand of tights along with the type and color of shoes. These sheets also show Photo Day day & time, dress rehearsal info, and which performance your dancer will be dancing in. DANCE VIDEOS and SONG FILES have also been uploaded so your dancer can practice at home! You can also find the CLASS PHOTO order link on BAND now too!

To access BAND on your phone and computer, please see the email we sent on 4/13/21: BAND Invite for MKS 2021 Dance Concert. The email has instructions with class-specific download links and helpful videos!

VIDEO 1: How to log in to and navigate BAND on your phone & computer -
VIDEO 2: New & Helpful Hashtag feature in BAND! -


This month Watch Week will be in Studio B - May 1-7!

And, Studio C & B/C - May 31-June 5!

Please have only 1-2 Family members come, and all Parents/Guardians in the lobby must be wearing a face covering. Thank you!


Order now through May 15 and receive your order the first week in June!

Did you know that you can put your dancer's name on the back of a tee or on the front of a jacket?

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