Purple Purple Purple!!

Hostess Coach to get that Purple Show!!

What the heck is a purple show?!?

So if you've been anywhere near Facebook this week, you've seen Stefanie posting about having a purple show. So what's a purple show?!? Quite simply, one that hits at least $1,000 in sales! So what's the big deal? Why do we want a purple show so badly? Don't we always hear that we love trunk shows big AND small?

Well, we do love all trunk shows, but don't we love the bigger ones just a little (or a lot) more? Think about it- if we're going to get all of our jewels tidied up, make sure the kiddos will be ok while we're out, put on makeup, heck, put on pants, don't we want to MAXIMIZE the amount of commission we're earning while we're out there? Of course!

So let's strive to get all of our shows this month to that purple mark and above! Our hostesses will be happy because they're earning the maximum percentage of style rewards. Our customers will be happy because they're getting tons of beautiful bling in the mail and we're helping them shop for gifts. And our families will be happy because we'll be loading that little blue card with lots of moola!!

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So how do you get to a Purple Show?!?!


The best and easiest way to get to a purple show is to coach your hostess from the start. Having lots of girls there who are excited and ready to shop will make it easier.

And I can't say this enough- follow the system outlined in the stylist lounge!!!! Your trunk show checklist is right in the lounge right in your trunk show tab. It's the absolute easiest way to make sure that you're doing all you can to get to a purple show.

If you expand the different tabs in that checklist, you'll see email templates to get your hostess excited, help her spread the word about her show, even follow up emails for gals who couldn't make it to the show. Easy peasy lemon squeezie!

So what can you do NOW?!?

It's NEVER too late to coach your hostess

For your upcoming shows, reach out to your hostess often. Find out what she has on her wish list and use that as the driving force for her show- remember, she's not having this show so that you can earn money on your blue card. She's having this show so that she can earn free jewels and hang out with her friends. Remember that and make it about her and the show will be a bigger success.

Check out our new marketing pictures in the Lounge. Everything is so cute and set up so that you can easily send your hostess a quick text with one of the style boards or the TSEO. Tell her to send it out to her friends to get excited! Get her friends excited by reaching out through the invite system to remind them to come, shop, and have a great time with their friends.

Even if your hostess has gone MIA (it happens to everyone!) or absolutely refuses to use our invite system, just reach out to her in multiple ways consistently. And maintain a positive attitude and just let her know how excited you are to show up at her house and hang out with her and her friends!

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Congrats to Bunny on booking a show and earning herself a clover alphabet charm!! (If I'm forgetting anyone please let me know)

For this week's challenge, we're going to be hostess coaching our shows to purple. For each purple show you have this month (current shows included), you'll earn a chance to win $50 in Product Credits!!!!!! I'll choose the winner once all of the shows have closed. Because remember, the show isn't over just because you left the hostess's house- you still have THREE WEEKS to collect orders!!