St. Columba's Primary School


Start of Year Newsletter

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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

It is great to be back, even though it is now going to be under trying circumstances due

to the outbreak of Omicron virus. I have to say I have missed being at St Columba's very much over the last 12 months. Many thanks to the staff who have been working hard to make sure that the school is ready for the start of day 1.

Welcome to new staff:

  • Mr Yock - Assistant Principal
  • Miss Hunter - Year 2
  • Mrs Pilatti - Year 4
  • Mrs Venturini - Office Administration

Please note the following COVID information when accessing St Columba’s school. Our intention is ensure that everyone’s safety is a priority for the school.

  • All adults entering the school grounds are required to wear a mask.
  • All St Columba’s staff are required to be vaccinated.
  • Plans have been put into place, in the event remote learning is required.
  • All visitors, including parents, entering the school outside of drop-off and pick-up time must scan the QR code.
  • Parents and Carers from Year 1 to 6 are not able to enter classrooms before or after school.
  • Parents and Carers in Pre-Kindy to Pre-Primary are able to take their children into the classroom, help them unpack and then leave as soon as possible.
  • Parents and Carers are asked not to congregate and socialise on school grounds.
  • There will be no Teacher / Parent evenings. Teachers will email home a class information booklet.
  • A school internal audit has taken place regarding classroom ventilation. CEWA is looking at additional ventilation for classrooms; I will advise when I know more about the process from CEWA.
  • All relief teachers, contractors, therapists and parents or carers who are providing parent help in classrooms twice a week or more are required to meet Department of Health regulations regarding the Covid vaccination requirements i.e. double vaccinated and or booster shot.
  • Staff will only be taking the temperature of students who are exhibiting signs of the Covid virus.
  • Any student who shows signs of Covid will be immediately isolated and families will be asked to collect the student immediately.
  • Students who are coughing, sneezing or complain of headaches will be sent home immediately.
  • Staff in the early years will make the students aware of what PPE gear is used for and why staff may have to wear it.
  • The Department of Health will set the rules for the vaccination of students and students wearing masks while attending school.


As you may be aware, the State Government has mandated that all school staff are required to be double dose vaccinated before Term 1, 2022 starts.

The State Government has issued Education Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions (No. 3), which are published on These Directions include vaccination requirements for visitors entering school sites.

Please note, students are not required to be vaccinated, however children aged over 12 can receive the COVID-19 vaccination, with access likely to be extended to children over the age of 5 in January. If you have any concerns, please discuss your child’s vaccination requirements with your doctor.

Parents/carers are not required to be vaccinated when:

  • dropping off or picking up their child from school
  • volunteering at school on an ad hoc basis – which means attendance at no more than one education facility no more than once per week
  • attending an event such as an assembly or parent teacher interview
  • entering the school after hours

Parents/carers are required to provide vaccination evidence (single dose vaccinated from
1 January 2022 and double dose vaccinated from 31 January 2022) or exemption when:

  • volunteering at the school more than once a week (this includes volunteering at the school canteen, library duty or an in-class program)
  • working in an unpaid capacity at the school more than once a week

The following are acceptable forms of evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption:

  • written confirmation of the COVID-19 vaccination issued by the Department of Health
  • the COVID-19 digital certificate, which shows only your COVID-19 vaccinations and you can access information on how to get your COVID-19 digital certificate here
  • an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by the Commonwealth Government. This shows the COVID-19 vaccination recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register
  • medical exemption issued by the Australian Immunisation Register
  • a temporary exemption granted by the WA Chief Health Officer

As a school we are committed to ensuring St Columba’s is a COVID-19 safe space. The Department of Health has provided clear directions regarding the requirements to keep students, staff members and our community safe. If you have any queries, please contact the school via email.

Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

God bless.

Allen McMahon


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Important dates

Monday, 31 January - Term 1 begins and classrooms open at 8.30am

Wednesday, 2 February - Edu-dance begins

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Purchase uniform items

Uniform is purchased from Nell Gray Uniform Concepts, either instore or online.


30 Kembla Way, Willetton WA 6155,

Phone: 08 9270 4669


Order online

The school is selling bags and dresses - please contact the office.

Edu-Dance in Term 1

Edu-dance will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - please wear sports uniform on the day.

Check your sports uniform day

Year 3 - Year 6: Check yours sports uniform day below. Sports uniform is only worn on class PE days and for Edu-dance in Term 1. Please wear school uniform on all other days.

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Canteen opens in Week 2 - To be confirmed

The canteen will open in Week 2. Canteen operates on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for recess and lunch. Orders are placed online or handed in at the canteen by 9am. Pre-Kindy students attending on Fridays are able to order from commencement of Term 2.

Order online

School Term Dates for 2022

Term 1: Monday, 31 January to Friday, 8 April 2022

Term 2: Wednesday, April 27 to Friday, 1 July 2022

Term 3: Tuesday, 19 July to Friday, 23 September 2022

Term 4: Tuesday, 11 October to Friday, 9 December 2022

Pupil Free Days for 2022

Term 2: Tuesday, 26 April and Friday, 3 June

Term 3: Monday, 18 July and Friday, 19 August

Term 4: Monday, 10 October

Sacrament Dates for 2022

Sacramental Program Enrolment Mass: Saturday, 12 March at 6pm

Confirmation: Saturday, 28 May at 6pm

Eucharist: Sunday, 19 June at 9:30am

Reconciliation: Saturday, 12 November at 10am