Mrs. Brocker's News


December Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed the time spent with families and friends during the holiday season. Thank you to all the Holiday helpers in our classroom, the extra special crafts were made possible because of our parent volunteers! We also spent another fun filled day at Skyliners Lodge. During the "Sit Spot" time students were easily able to observe the changes that occur from the fall to the winter months, the snow play was beautiful!


During Number Corner (Calender Time) and Math we will:
  • Explore odd and even numbers
  • Identify, describe, and compare triangles, rhombuses, trapezoids, and hexagons
  • Describe simple growing pattern with shapes
  • Explore counting strategies in relation to 5's and 10's
  • Recognize and count quantities to 20 with pennies and nickels
  • Count on from any given number
  • Recognize and Count quantities between 10 and 20, the tricky teens

Writing Workshop

During this unit, Writing for Readers, a large theme throughout is the idea that writers rely on tools to help them accomplish their goals. One tool they will use will be a Vowel chart. When it comes to listening to sounds in words and then writing the letters that make those sounds, vowels are the trickiest. Spelling development typically develops from the ability to hear and record the first sound in a word, then the last sound, and then onto the middle sounds. A message that will be repeated over and over again will be that every word has at least one vowel.

Winter Wear

Due to a very successful winter clothing drive, the FAN office is has an abundance of winter wear. If your child has a winter clothing need, please contact Jenn Reuter in our FAN office by phone at 541-355-2716 or email

When we head out to the forest (on Friday Juanuary 15th) ALL Students MUST have snow clothes; snow pants, snow boots, a warm jacket, and waterproof gloves. If your child needs any of these items we can help, please let us know. If your child doesn't have warm enough gear he or she may need to spend most of their forest day in the lodge, missing out on the forest fun.

Forest Friday January 15th

Meg Anderson
Gina Patterson
Hello Families,
Here is a list of next week's volunteers: Please let me know if you can't make it OR if you would like to join us!
Kirsten Kelly
Chantia Park
Amanda Wold
Lindsay Gardner
Ian Gardner will be volunteering
Kari Johannsen
Malia McCabe
TJ Pyle
Bren Menzel
Christine Bartell
Austen's Grandma
Stephanie Trautman
Heidi Krueger

Book Bags

Starting next week, kids will have individual book bags in their chair buddies to read. These books are tailored to their reading level. The book bags will have some books that should be easy to read, a few that are manageable but take some thinking, and a challenge book. They can bring them home and return them everyday (If books don't come back, then they'll stay in the classroom only.) You'll see dot stickers on some of them that have a reading level (A, B, C, D, etc) on them. Please remember that our end of the year goal is reading level C independently and level D with help. Kids reading C and above will also be working on reading fluency (reading like you talk, not choppy or like a robot.) These reading levels will also guide small group reading lessons to make sure each kiddo is appropriately challenged. Remember they need to be returned everyday and we will "go book bag shopping" once a week and change out our books. Happy reading!

Forest Day Grant!!!!! Thank you Kate Kranzush

Exciting news: Our Forest Days program just recieved a $2,000 grant from financial supporters of the Grey Family Foundation! We'll be able to use this money to purchase science and art equipment as well as get more guests from the Auduban Society, High Desert Museum, SunRiver Nature Center and other local groups. The best part is that the grant was written for $1,500 and we were awarded MORE than we requested because people loved what we're doing.


Please see the email attachment for the January monthly reading information.

Green Folders/Snack/Tardies/Snow Clothes

  • Green Folders and book bags will be sent home everyday, including Fridays, please remember to return them each day.
  • Please send in one healthy snack for 24 students each month.
  • I take attendance first thing in the morning each day, please have your child here by 8:55 PLEASE!
  • Snow Clothes need to be kid friendly. Each recess the kids need to put on and take off their snow clothes with as much independence as possible.