7th/8th Grade News Week of 10/12

ITBS Testing, Progress Reports, and More

Academics for the Week

Hello Parents/Guardians!

This week our students presented their powerpoints, prezi's, and posters that were dedicated to group research of a certain emperor, after we spent our last unit studying about Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire in the 13th century. I was very impressed by a few groups who were able to research and present very well. Some students were absent or for some reason were not able to complete the project. Those students who didn't will be presenting a mini-presentation to me next week on Wednesday 10/21.

This Friday their fact sheets are due to me with all of their facts and sources they used for their presentation listed in a piece of paper. This is half of their total presentation grade so they must get that in on Friday.

I have started informing students of their missing assignments for the year. Most of the time, bad grades can be attributed to late or missing work. However, I emphasize to the students constantly that late work is better than missing work. Lower grade is better than no grade. HOWEVER, students are responsible for coming to me and retrieving their own late or missing work. I will not bug them constantly for their work, although I may remind them here and there. Most, if not all, of the students are aware of the assignments they may have to do, but you can remind them to check with me about their missing work and I will be more than happy to help them out.

ITBS Testing Next Week

ITBS standardized testing will take place next week Monday through Friday. Expect minimal homework as it will take up a lot of our classroom time.

Also, please be sure that students are at school on time and are eating full breakfasts and getting full amounts of sleep before test days so that their bodies can be in optimal test-taking form.

The purpose of this test is to assess our students and where they stand juxtaposed with the standard per subject. It is important that the students take these tests seriously as they will reflect their academic strengths and weaknesses while providing valuable information to myself and other teachers in regards to how we can better teach them. These tests are very important. They will be taken in silence and students will not be allowed to use the bathroom or get a drink of water unless they do so in the "break" times. Feel free to pack your student water bottles and snacks. We will try our best to ensure a comfortable environment while they are test-taking.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be sent out in the Brown Envelopes next week. There you will find a short, but not comprehensive, assessment of your student's progress in class so far this year. It is important to understand that we are using Standards Based Grading in order to assess your student, a somewhat new method for grading. We no longer assess based on percentages and letter grades, but rather, we use evidence of learning and other more substantial qualities for assessment. Below you can find a link to a YouTube Video that better explains Standards Based Grading, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.

Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place the week after Progress Reports come out, so please be on the look out for more information regarding that. I would like your student present at our conference as well so that we may talk to them directly. At this age, they can probably explain their own strengths and weaknesses better than I could. Also, they can deliver to myself and you any concerns or struggles they may be having.



10/19-10/23: ITBS Testing

10/25: Halloween Carnival 1pm-3pm

11/ 6: Pay to Dress ($2 Free Dress)

11/7: Hispanic Heritage Festival 6pm-8pm